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  1. Hey Guys, I don´t know whether this is still up-to-date but I would like to request the Cleaned raws from “ToG” because I and friends want to start translating “Tower of God” in German (No one has done this so far).
    It would really help when we have acces to them 🙂

    Greetings, Kimran

  2. Heya guys from The Company 😀
    I´d like to thank you for your brilliant wonderful and awesome work!!!
    Really, thank you!! I adore this masterpiece and you guys for presenting it to the readers!! :3
    Please do continue your excellent job :DD

    so here´s a little question and or request,
    I´d like to download the first season´s chapters, but sadly the link seems to be broken starting from ch 17 🙁
    could this be repaired or re-uploded pretty please? :3

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