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  1. Thanks for posting this. Your scanlations are several levels of quality above those of your ‘competitors’.
    I appreciate SIU’s translated blog posts, too.

        1. Plus, changing SFXs is like redoing the art… unnecessary and prejudicial to the manwha. Good that you were the first to pick up this series, but to be honest, its time to stop instead of embarassing yourselves.

          1. Nobody forces you to read our our releases, this being said some common courtesy would be appreciated. I disagree with you about the SFX part however, arguably cleaning an SFX badly and pasting choppy/generic typefaces all over the comic is much more offensive than what we do. In fact, when cleaning I normally take longer to make sure I’m doing the artwork justice, because ToG doesn’t deserve anything less than my best.

          2. F*U!
            thcmpy are the best there are!

            Not liking it == ok, your opinion( though silly )
            Not liking it and bashing around even though they did their best == Not ok and you suck.

    1. Why are you even here then? And what’s so hard to understand about 1 Chapter/week? No matter how fast we release the average doesn’t change.

    2. Thcmpny has around 6 manwhas that they are trying to continue per week. Just because they’re slow doesn’t mean that they’re not busy.

  2. Thanks for the release.

    “Because I like to give orders…” lol, Now I remeber why koon is the best character in TOG

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