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  1. Ok so at first i was confused, but i think that i understand why the girl in the bathtub is saying things like “crazy monster”, basically she is not emily, but rather she is a part of the machine (maybe her brain is used to make emily more human) and aware of emily’s “thoughts”, but she is probably doing this against her free will.

    That’s how i explain it anyway.

  2. thanks for your work)
    by the way, anyone else considered possibility that Emile is sealed Eurasia Enne Zahard? probably its not true, but i still giggled at the thought.

    1. well thats a nice idea but i’m pretty sure one of the strongest being in the Tower wont be chained to a bathtub that easily

  3. As always, thank you for the translation… but I want to especially thank you for the little tidbit at the end about Emilie — that was really handy to know, ‘cuz many of us wouldn’t have caught that reference.

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