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  1. Such a stupidity… why not using man power to translate interesting stuff, such as Kubera, TOG or Dr. Frost… thats why Mangapirate.net rules, really. You guys just disappoint me

    1. They translate interesting stuff… In the first place if they didn’t start translating them mangapirate wouldn’t stole it from them and you couldn’t read your favourite series. Cause those dicks only stole popular series and they only became popular cause they were translated by various groups. They have almost no own series. So saying something like this just shows how primitive you are. It saddens me, really.

    2. HAHAHA, mangapirate.net just sucks, yes they give you faster releases but most of them are lousy translated or just broken.

      And as somebody else mentioned, thcmpny does this for free so there is no point in plaining.

      By the way, this one-shot is hilarious… and cool.

  2. This is totally uncool of me, but that was awesome!! I was pleasantly surprised and thought this was a very funny webcomic.
    Thank you for this cool translation 😀

  3. Out of everything on Naver, you choose to translate this…
    and now I’ve read it, because I felt like it, no reason.

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