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  1. On page 9, that Duk-chil (or however you spell his name) stands like a total fag. He stands with his pelvis thrust forward. The only way he could look gayer is if he was doing those little wrist flicks or whatever they’re called (they’ll usually say “uhn” at the person because whatever they’re acting like a silly goose lol). It actually somewhat looks like he did it but we just caught the end of him doing it. Just an observation.
    Thanks for the chapter you fierce studs! It was faaaaabulooouuuus!

    1. Speaking of looking gay, page 10. Need I say more?
      Also, I meant page 8 on my original comment 😡

  2. Haha, you guys should really get a proofreader whose first language is English.
    -Page 3, middle panel, left bubble: The double dashes are unnecessary. It’s not exactly wrong, but two separate sentences would be proper. It’s not like you’re writing an informal letter.
    -Page 6, top panel, wording outside the bubbles: Lifespan is usually one word. Again, not exactly wrong.
    -Page 6, top panel, bottom-right bubble: There should be a comma between intentions and he’s (“…to his intentions, he’s shortening…”).
    -Page 8, bottom-right panel, wording outside the bubbles and bottom-right bubble: The ellipses should be there as they indicate an unfinished thought.
    -Page 9, top-right panel, left bubble: There is no need for a comma, if that is one. The font is strange :p
    -Page 14, top panel, top-right bubble: Commander and captain should only be capitalized when speaking about/to somebody of that rank. They’re merely saying that’s what he should be.
    -Page 14, left-side middle panel, right bubble: The first half of the sentence should be reworded to “The higher your position, the less you do…” or “The higher your position, the less you have to do anyways…”
    -Page 14, bottom-right panel, bottom bubble: It’d be more proper to use luxurious instead if luxury.
    Page 15, bottom panel, only bubble: It should read “…is there anyone who, by chance, wants an…”
    -Page 16, top-left panel, bottom bubble: There doesn’t need to be a comma in the last sentence nor an ellipsis.
    -Page 17, top panel, both bubbles: The comma after “then” in the top bubble isn’t necessary, but not completely wrong depending on the original Korean context. In the bottom bubble, it should be “500-year-old” so you forgot a hyphen.
    -Page 17, bottom panel, left bubble: This one is a weird on, but I think there should be an ellipsis or tilde. Again, depends on original Korean context.
    -Page 21, bottom panel, bottom wording outside bubble(?): Premeditated is never hyphenated.
    Seriously guys, that was painful to read. I greatly appreciate all the work you do, but, as a grammar wizard, I couldn’t help but to nitpick. I’m doing this to help you, not humiliate you.
    Anyways, thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work ^_^

    1. I think stuff like this should be communicated by e-mail, instead by public comment, this way you’re obviously trying to show off.

    2. Well in case you didn’t realize the wrong version of this was released initially. So no QC at all at that stage. 😛

  3. please release the zippy ziggy translations fast (weekly rather than monthly release) because there are almost 3 or 4 volumes remaining till the current mahwa release.

  4. Deep thanks u continued translating this manhwa

    I’m very happy and you’ll complete it ,, this manhwa is really funny

    1. I agree.
      The release rate of this manhwa is so slow, and it feels even more dissapointing when you realise this is actually a completed comic.

      If only Zippy Ziggy was more popular with readers..

      1. Zippy Ziggy is popular enough, imho. Its the funniest thing that I ever read))
        Maybe translators have trouble with raw? If not, I see no reason so slow translation(
        Left only few volumes, so if u can – be more faster and end this series, please

    2. You are really quite rude. Why do you think you can tell us what we should do with our free time?

  5. now i know why you lowered the priority on this…

    Grumpy you probably knew how this turned out a long ass fucking time ago.

    It’s such a shame that this bastards dared to axe this manhwa.

    it deserved so much more.

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