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  1. Thanks. I noticed a typeset error in the afterword. “Karaka made an appearance. (Although that was just a silhouette) tKaraka is a character that will appear often in Part 2.”

  2. Hah, the friends list with all their positioning edits on it. You really do end up missing those characters.

    1. Also, oh my god I lost it at “sweet fingers” line XD. That was funnier than had any right to be.

  3. ty for the chapter. ( i bet u some how bam will met up with his friend one by one and the group will be bigger, but fug will kidnap racheal to control bam( after she been betray by her teammates)

  4. Omg! Thank you so much for the fast release! It’s awesome to see this great chapter scanlated! *__*

  5. Thank you for the FANTASTIC chapter! This is seriously one of the few comics (including: US comics, manga, Korean comics, and the like) that I truly consider a work of art.

  6. So is Karaka going to kill Viole’s team? It seemed like the other high ranker was okay with them. He could just be waiting for that ranker to leave. But why is Karaka on such a low floor if he’s so strong?

  7. It makes me so happy when I come here, not expecting a new ToG because I can’t remember if it’s been a week since the last one, and then BAM, there it is, right at the top.

  8. Thank you!!! Do not lower your quality for the sake of speed. I read mangapirate’s scan few hours after the raw was released. it caused pain. Their quality is so much below yours. My mind still hurts when I think of it. Please keep the quality up. You are worth the wait.

  9. You guys are indeed worth the wait 😀
    Fear not! quality above everything else is what we want!!!!

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