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    1. I think I remember reading on the TOG wiki that their were a relatively high ratio of high ranker to ranker in FUG and Wing Tree. And it make’s sense because seeing as how both groups are rebellious organizations you would have to be strong to even have a chance of surviving against Zahard’s forces if found out. Thats why I worry about Baam being killed off by rankers more mean than Love was.

  1. But yeah now we know why Baam didn’t want a team. FUG was just going to make his team anyway. Any smucks that joined him would just be killed. So if Wangnan really is Zahard’s son he can’t kill Zahard either and take the thrown.

  2. Wait a second! Why would Hwaryun tell Wangnan that Baam is an irregular? If Wangnan let that out it would ruin everyhting FUG was trying to keep secret by disguising him. People know Baam is an irregular. People don’t now Viole is one and could kill Zahard. It seem like it was done for drama alone but this could have really backfired on them. Or she could have just told him alone because he’s the prince(whatever that means)?

    Also does this confirm that Hwaryun is a ranker?

    1. And when did FUG try to disguise him? Viole has already announced himself as the FUG slayer candidate. That attracts plenty of attention already. Besides, FUG has obviously implanted their members at strategic spots on different floors (like the admin of the crucial 20th floor), and both Hwaryun and that high-ranker came into an otherwise regulars-only area. Basically, FUG obviously has its ways to keep an eye out for Baam.

      1. You have got to be kidding me. When did FUG try to disguise him?
        The whole name change and change in look was to make him appear not to be Baam at first glance. It was also helped by the fact that Baam was believed to be dead. Also his personality change was likely constructed or manipulated by FUG. The High Ranker we see in this chapter is an example that not all FUG members are stone cold serious.
        In fact the disguise was so good that many readers did not even believe it was him.
        Why would they go through all that trouble to make him not Baam anymore? So that people don’t now FUG has an irregular that can actually kill Zahard. As simple as that.
        And now Hwaryun has told Wangnan someone outside the organization….so that could ruin everything. At least the surprise aspect of any attack on Zahard.

  3. It’s always worth waiting for you guys to scanlate Tower of God. My, for a supposedly rushed chapter, the author sure did a good job, and of course The Company is #1 at conveying its awesomeness into English. *_*

  4. Today’s quote of the day:

    “The moment Viole’s bangs get out of the way, he transforms into Baam.

    Viole, the world’s first haircut transformation magic girl.”

  5. also remember when yuri was on the floor of test and hwaryun passed evan and he had that surprised look? now we know why……

    1. But I wonder if Evan knows she’s FUG? If he did why didn’t he say anything to get her arrested. It could be that its because he’s FUG or maybe they had a close relationship.

      1. maybe he knows she’d destroy him? maybe cuz he’s not supposed to be there too and would get in trouble? prob both

  6. Truly you must be a god. answering to prayers of a mortal man. Keep up the good work Crazyred and company.

  7. SIU suffering in that Korean summer heat. My sympathies. But a fine chapter27. Thanks Company!

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