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  1. I love prince in this chapter 😀 the short comics at the end was also really nice.


  2. THANK YOU! Hahahah, Yeon was so funny. And so was Hwa-ryun. xD And wow, I’m really, Really impressed by the flawless sound effects, I have no idea how you pulled them off so beautifully. D: Definitely worth the wait!

  3. I swear that’s Quant’s face on the karaoke banner. If so, who is his publicist? Zahard? His face is bloody EVERYWHERE!

  4. Your quality and care for the author’s intention is incomparible; your releases are worth whatever wait you require!

    Thank you for your dedication to this series! I will continue to support and appreciate you for your kindness, your willingness to share your time with us through your work,


  5. Yay!!! Back to the V…v…..(whatever long-haired baam’s name is) Saga!!!
    Thanks you guys for everything!! You really do the original author’s work justice!!

  6. Company, thanks for ch 26!

    LOL Yihwa’s “THESE PEOPLE!” was funny and Beta’s right! Quant’s Face IS everywhere -which is such fun!

  7. Great chapter! Thanks for the great job done. It’s never a waste to wait for your releases! As a side note, YES! Hwa-Ryun has appeared once again!

  8. Finally info on Zahard and Enryu! Also been hoping to see the redhead again. Yeon was funny too… good filler, all in all…

  9. The afterword says that Zahard’s son is yet-to-be-born, meaning Baam/Viole cannot be Zahard’s son. Also the fake Viole’s shirt says FUG Football Club.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. I have a feeling that being born, means a little bit different in the Tower. The daughters of Zahard were choosen, when they were born, they weren’t his daughters yet.

    2. You forget that Baam was locked away in a cage with Zahard’s seal on it… Could very well be that Zahard simply hid him.

  10. Thanks for the chapter!! 😀
    I love reading the side notes more than the chapter itself (lol) and it seems that Wangnan is the soon-to-be-born-prince…

  11. why so late… >o<
    but it worth of waiting…

    anyways…. next chapter already release in the original

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