Tower of God: Season 2 Ch.25 – 25F – Completing Fences (03) – Fin

Koon… just being himself. lol

– GoDai, Niiw, CrazyRed98, Trebor, Grumpy, and Rin-


P.S.: And yes, we changed the title of this arc from “Knot of Wool” to “Completing Fences”, due to the ambiguity in the Korean. -Trebor

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Season 2, Ch 25

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  1. First! Thanks for the release!
    …almost got spoiled by manga pirate on this one…

  2. >[They won’t] appear at once and go
    >”We are the 10 Heads!! Ta-dah!!” or anything like that.

    Aww… and I was looking forward to the House Heads’ song and dance introductory number. The scene would have been slightly more sane and balanced than that one of Rachel.

  3. Thanks for ch25. The background stories are great. They remind me of Tolkien’s Silmarilion.

  4. My god what a most Excellent chapter!
    Great job guys!
    And wow, SIU’s art was really amazing this chapter!

    1. Kill her with fire!!!

      Also Koon is awesome, last chapter when I read about the condition his father made (the one to beat him will get everything he has) I thought Koon will aim for that.

      He is badass (also ship leeso is awesome 2, wonder when we will see him and androssi again).

  5. huwah. finally something that’s easier to read and understand. lol.

    thanks for the scanlators! ^_^

    i so love koonie in this. he is so being like himself. ^_^

  6. 1.Which name of the chapter is real?
    2.Rachel’s inhuman laugh gives me shivers.
    3.It is somehow fishy that the rest of Baam’s team simply left Rachel in Koon’s hand.

  7. is it me or i feel the next floor will have koon’s group going against Viole’s group.

  8. I wait for your great work to come out and it was WORTH IT!!! Yeahh!! >..< … i wonder if Baam really want revenge?? maybe he wants answers, like why she push him back there in the test, why she wants him death? Why she doesn't like him anymore? If she is doing all this because of the stars&sky reason or why???…. Awesome webtoon!!!

  9. Well yeah, he did say in his conversation with Love that he doesn’t know, and he’ll find out what he wants once he meets her again.

  10. YAYYYYYY!!! Thanks for the chapter!

    NEVER support mangapirate, I mean, it’s not even manga they’re “pirating.”

  11. Anyone know when the next season starts? The wait is killing me! (Yes, I check everyday >.<)

  12. Thanks for the chapter. And for notes at the end. So Urek Mazino is unpopular due to his masculinity and magnanimity. Strange…

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