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  1. dang i wish we can resume to what leez was asking about, all this chaos clan exposure is cool but now i really wanna know if she can do magic.

      1. i have re-read the chapter 1 and all of its parts but i did not see the part where she used hoti kubera maybe i’m blind but i would like u name the chapter and page please T.T

          1. well i may be wrong but i assumed the golden twirls around her feet when she was descending was hoti kubera.

  2. I’m 100% sure Asha won’t let Leez use Hoti Kubera cause she knows Leez is related to the God Kubera in some way.
    Or something unexpected will happen stopping her from using the spell.
    There’s just no way she’ll use this spell this early.
    Thanks for the work guys.

  3. Thanks for the awesome Work!

    I try to stay away from previews… except in the case of music… Then I spoil the hell out of myself

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