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  1. I wonder how many people from the s1 cast in that team will still be there… I don’t think there’s been any mention of how large teams can be, but from the context it seems like at least a few people have been forced into it. If that, then that others could had willingly joined as well.

    …I hope SIU didn’t kill off some of the original cast offscreen between seasons…

    1. Naaah. She developed them all so nicely. She wouldn’t dismiss any off screen. Notice how pretty much none of the developed characters disappeared in Season 1 despite having ample opportunity to? At worst, if any /were/ killed off between seasons, there would be an epic flashback. That’s my 2 cents anyways.

  2. thank youuu for your hardworkk :DD
    a week feels like forever when i wait for tower of god .__. loll
    cant wait for next week >< arghh

  3. I wonder if this is happening at the time of the 20F Baam story or after. If Baam still needs to climb 5 floors to meet with Koon, they might still miss each other for some time.

    1. Well the average time it takes to climb the tower is 500 years. That’s approximately 4 years per floor. Urek did it in 50 years and Ha Yuri Zahard did it in 200 Years. Baam is an Irregular so he should be able to progress at a similar rate as Urek did. The only liability I would see is if his team holds him back.

      Obviously the time it takes to complete the floors is going to increase, as Koon and his group basically climbed 23 floors in 5 years. Of course there are also people like the fast dude in this chapter who take time off before climbing again.

  4. SIU and THCMPNY strike again…The Dynamic duo never fails to amaze…thanks a million kids.

  5. Definitely looking forward to more TOG, as always. The plot is really starting to move somewhere, especially those giant cogs in the back that have been hinted at.

    I think the author is foreshadowing a few things with ‘The Trustworthy Room’. In the end, Wangnan forgives Lurker, because he wants to be understood and receive forgiveness himself. So, now there’s some subtextual tension – is Baam looking for some kind of revenge, or will he too take a higher path?

    I’m very excited to see where this story goes.

  6. looks like you guys got beaten to the punch on the next chapter. TOG is getting popular so as another group is translating it also.

    1. I disagree, the other group did a very nice job with this chapter even though their image quality is slightly less than the Co.’s version. They condensed a lot of the excessive verbiage that the Co. included; so as a result the dialogue flows more naturally in English often times.

      In any case, my thanks to both groups for this excellent chapter :).

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