Tower of God: Season 2 Ch 19 – 20F – The Preys (01)

And God said “Let there be ToG!”

– CrazyRed98, Chestnut, Niiw, Trebor, Grumpy, Rin –

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P.S.: Please stop telling us that the plural of “prey” is “prey”. We are perfectly aware of this; that’s why the TL note was written. -Trebor

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Season 2, Ch 19

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  1. Fun fact: “Prey” is the plural of “prey.” No ‘s’ involved whatsoever. A note saying it’s plural would suffice.

    …no observation or witty comments I can think of. Between last chapter and this, can’t think of anything but sitting and waiting to see what happens. I must know.

      1. Yes. Apologies anyway. I felt a great disturbance in my OCD, as if millions of English teachers cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

      2. You could use “The hunted ones” but anything is awesome as long as there is ToG 🙂 Awesome chapter, i wonder if Viole will accept teammates and turns back into 1st Season Baam or decline them and be the badass guy who got some weaklings pushed on him

  2. Personally, I think simply calling it “The Hunted” sounds pretty bad ass (and more fluid/natural).

  3. Thanks Company for Awesome chapter 19! SIU has a such a great story going. BTW, Beta is right XP

  4. Great chapter. But obviously whats to stop both Viole or the Ranker to just take the Connector? Both of them are stronger than him(Viole has a weakness to Wangnan but even Wangnan was confused as to how it exactly affected him).
    Is it is probably the fact that Wangnan could break it? I mean it seems both the Ranker and Viole could sneak up on him and use the STOP technique right? Or just take it when Wangna drops his guard.
    (Also was that a Shinsoo technique used to stop Viole? I thought Viole was practically immune?)

    Assuming Wangnan never drops his guard, Wangnan can’t give the connector to Viole even if he does kill Lurker’s group. Because if he does honor his agreement to Viole, Viole wins by taking the connector to Yeon’s room. So basically Wangnan still fails but at least Lurker’s group dies?

    Or Viole could just simply win by killing most of the regulars since he can’t take the connector? Is that condition still in play? If it is than Viole doesn’t even have to worry about the connector being broken.

    1. Also Love wants another team to win so that Viole is forced to climb with a team. If Wangnan just simply hands the connector to Viole after Viole kills Lurker’s group, than Love loses. Does it really matter to Love if the team is evil or not. I mean all they did is kill another regular to take over the room(Its a part of the game). Whats more important to Love is that FUG fails.

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