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  1. I wonder why they want kubera dead. I mean, we know she’s got super strenght because she’s got the name of the god of strenght but that shouldnt be enough to want her dead. So that means there’s a deeper consequence of her having this name. Either that or there’s a mystery concerning her parents/lineage that make her dangerous.

    Also there’s the subtitle “one last god”, could kubera be this last god, will she attain godhood somehow and cause the other god’s disappearance ? We’re at the core of the whole drama here.

    1. Well, we’ve seen in a previous chapter that she’ll end up fighting with the real kubera, so her strength should grow considerably.

      What I want t know is why is being given a god’s name so special? Can’t everyone do it?

  2. Thanks for the chapter! It`s awesome as always!
    I wonder, if the suras know something about the human with the name Kubera, or nothing more? I mean if that human is a child or elder, or perhaps is a man or woman. I think, Gandharva had no idea who that girl was, when he let Leez escape from Maruna`s attack in chapter 2.

  3. Interesting, they really want kubera dead. Does anyone also know when pt2 of this series is starting? I noticed its been months since the author finished at ch 100

  4. Perhaps they are trying to reach someone else through her, by capturing her or killing her they can bring out her god-father or other character who is the real object of their ire.

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