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  1. So he’s not omnipotent after all. It’s going to be a looong 100+ floors. Which is great.

    Prince seriously thinks it’s a good idea to give Princess Napalm some of that? He deserves whatever happens to him. Natural Selection in action.

    1. Well if Adori Zahard can take down upper level Rankers before actually becoming one, then Baam/Viole should be able as he’s an irregular. And Irregular>Princess.

      I wonder if the skeleton/susanoo thing will come out and heal Baam again and if not does that mean that even a Ranker’s Shinsoo attack doesn’t do as much as Wangnan’s “weak” bombs. Well Baam’s immunity to shinsoo could be a factor. Also Love maybe isn’t really going all out to kill him and perhaps he’s also satisfied in ruining Viole’s mission to rebel against the rules.

  2. Hello guys

    first of all THX for ToG. I follow this series since the first chapter. But I want you to know that u ommited a pannel or two, when I compare the original to your translation. Please dont take this as Im criticizing u


    1. Thank you for letting me know. I checked it over and fixed this. Please refresh this page, and the new link should appear.

  3. I wait Viole raising like nothing happened and killing the Ranker.
    Would give this awesome Piece of Art a darker touch 🙂
    And i think it would fit the development of the story.
    Afterall Viole is on a Venegancetrip and i think SIU will
    deliver 😀

  4. More boringness, I hope voile loses this match, it seems he needs to be taken down a notch or more.

  5. thank you guys so much
    omg viole so pwn
    almost got a ranker down
    can you imagine him after the top floor
    he gonna kill everyone

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