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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I wish the chapters were longer! Viole (99% sure it’s Baam) looks like hes going to own the midget. Looking forward to the next release

  2. “The answer’s already out there. […] It’s not that hard.”

    Why, SIU. Why would you do this to us?

    1. SIU’s statement probably just means that it is not Baam. SIU has implied that Rapdevil’s killer is mentioned subtly. Viole being his killer is not really subtle as he’s directly mentioned as being the #1 suspect.

      1. Maybe it is Baam though. If you at Karaka’s mission “to assasinate a specific regular during the test”. Baam could have been given a similar mission to kill RapDevil. Or maybe he is suppose to help Wangnan…. Right now he seems set on the third one to pass alone. Its really all about mocking the system for FUG. I guess being an irregular Baam already did that before.

        1. Hrm… I thought it was that Kim Lurker guy. He doesn’t seem to think well of that rich kid [Prince Lurker?] so it would make sense for him to kill Rapdevil in order to weaken his target’s defense force. Additionally, he’s the only character that we know of that was free during the time of Rapdevil’s death. Everyone else was either shown fighting, hiding, or negotiating. However, the only problem is that it was shown that he was weaker than Rapdevil, albeit we don’t know if that’s his true strength or not.

          1. I’m guessing the “assassinate a regular during the test” had to do with Rapdevil. Help a regular pass the test- I’m think that might be Hwa Wangnan, and “fail all the other regulars and pass the test alone” is probably Viole.

            With that said, I think it’s Kim Lurker that probably killed Rapdevil and that means he could possibly also be from FUG?

          2. I think the ”assassinate a specific target” is the flame girl, since she is from a high family (yeon family right?), which holds an antagonistic relationship with FUG, and it would be a great shock.
            The ”pass a specific target” would be wangnan i guess, viole had his chances to kill him (he could’ve easily killed him in the first test) and was shown to know more about him (in the bath episode) regarding his relationship to his ring/zahard.
            He choose the third obviously.
            And about rapdevil, i think it’s the ”i’ll turn you into a skeleton” guy, that grin says it all for me ._.

          3. Its probably not Kim Lurker as he has stated before to Wangnan that he was going to climb up the tower with the rich kid because he’s strong. Although climbing the tower is his priority(he doesn’t even care if he teams up with Viole) why would he weaken the rich kid’s forces who he is relying on as well?

        2. I’m pretty sure it was Baam who killed him.

          First he tries to fail everyone, then in chapter 9, in the bath:
          Baam: Is it true that you’re the devil of the right hand, who defeated hatsu?
          Devil dude: Yes
          Baam: I see. Perhaps you can… show me the ‘devil’ sometime.

          After that he finds the Wangnan’s ring and asks if it’s his.

          So far he only took interest in those 2, and never even bothered to ask any else anything. He found out who the assassination and ‘help’ targets were, completed the assassination and now is trying to complete the ‘fail everyone else” mission. My guess is that he’s not going to be able to finish that mission and will settle for the ‘pass wangnan’ instead. I doubt he can win against the ranker on the 2nd try and he’s not going to be stupid to the point of risk the 3rd chance.

  3. Noooooooo! Chicken Love don’t fall for that faint! LOL

    Thanks, Company for ch15! Good luck, SIU.

    1. Karaka was an undercover FUG member from a previous test. He was just stating the mission she was giving in this test wondering if Viole was given a similar mission as well. There were 3 conditions to Karak’s mission and one of them had to be fulfilled. If Baam was given the same test the killing of the regular could have been RapDevil. Or he’s going to make Wangnan Pass since he never harmed Wangnan previously. Or he’s going to fail everyone.

      1. Personally, I think that it’d be more likely that the conditions were either Kill Wangnan or Pass Prince.

        Which is why Viole(who I think is Baam) would choose to fail everyone.

        I think that fits Baam’s personality more.
        He didn’t kill Wangnan ‘coz he saw that Wangnan isn’t such a bad guy.
        He doesn’t want to pass Prince ‘coz Prince has a shitty attitude.

  4. I -really- hope SIU starts doing something with Miseng and the other ‘kids’. They just seem so weak; I don’t see how they can be regulars that made it to the 20th floor. Give them guile, show how they pass by acting cute and latching onto some partner, -something-.

    1. I believe it is stated somewhere that most regulars who make it past the Floor of Test make it to the 20th floor. The 20th floor is where a lot of regulars fail due to the increased difficulty. So of course their are going to be a lot of regulars who seem relatively weak. They are just trying to overcome their limits.

      In regards to team-making, the regulars in the first part made teams also. A lot of the regulars passed by “latching” on to Koon’s team. It just goes to show that making teams is the best way to climb the tower. And even if you are strong its still smart to be in a team. This will probably still hold true as Love is basically helping them by making them into a team for the next floors. Although it will be a much smaller team of 8.

      1. I know about that, but still, Miseng is literally a 12 year old girl who can’t fight and doesn’t seem to do anything. That just seems too much. The guys who latched onto Koon at least could throw spears or control a pet with Shinsoo for scouting.

        1. But age doesn’t matter as long as you get chosen. It just seems that most chosen regulars are in their late teens. Age is weird in the tower anyway(Idk if Love is a child or is he short adult like Evan whose short because of his race).

          But I think Misengs purpose is more for plot than battle strength. She basically compliments Akraptor. If you take away her what is Akraptor? He is basically the heartless bastard we saw when we first met him. Miseng is there solely to make him more likable. I think SIU could have plans to use Akraptor in future battles and SIU sees that it would be hard to have readers cheer for a character that’s not one bit likable.

        2. She could be a light-bearer(or something, same class as Koon)…

          Those guys don’t really get into combat much and there hasn’t been any use for their lighthouses things.

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