Kubera Ch68.5

Here’s the last Goobera chapter of the season. 😀 After this it’s back to the regular ones.

I think I’m gonna miss these intermission chapters.

~ Rin, Zageron, Kroll, Fembot ~

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6 Responses

  1. Yay, Goobera! Poor Leez though. For once some part of the story started going well for her. But then there’s no part 4 of Goobera for the rest of Part I.
    But Yay grown-up Yuta! 😀

  2. Thanks guys for this awesome chapter.
    Yuta in this high form has the same appetite like in the comic. xD
    It seems that the “toothless” Kubera is a bit jealous…

  3. Yoota looked like Gandharva with part of his face hidden =)

    Currygom/Whitegom.. cuuuute 😀

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