Tower of God: Season 2 Ch 11 – 20F – The Untrustworthy Room (01)

EDIT: We (Trebor) made a rather big boo-boo on one of the pages; we wrote that Yeon’s flames were hard to stop by “members” of her family. This should state “rankers” of her family. We have updated this chapter now; please re-download if you download ToG for your archives.

Edit 2: I am made out of fail and made another mistake. Have v3. (“Flame girl” was changed to “hellion”)

Let the game begin!

– Chestnut, Grumpy, Trebor, mhh, Crazy, Fembot –

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  1. Oh wow, was that his freezing skill? If so, now it’s useable instead of just gimmicky. I bet he’s going directly to the Ranker, too.

    1. I have the same opinion as you. He will go to the ranker and beat him in a fight. The ranker will be surprised about Viole’s strength and will lose by underestimating him. It might even be that Viole didn’t use his full strength in that test earlier, where he scored 100k+. He will meet some guys on his way up to the ranker and beat them. Damn, that fire girl looks so cute <3

      1. well about that remember the ranker touched the punching tool but baam didn’t. so imo if baam touched it the score would me much higher than 100k.

  2. lol i guess bam master the move that red head ranker teach him in season 1( it is me or that guy face pop up on every product) and really i guess she did know bam is immune to any special attack the involve shinsoo.

  3. THX I really like ToG and a lot of ur other series. I believe a lot of ppl appreciate a fast and good work u ppl put into ur projects. Please keep up

    See ya

  4. It was awesome how she was all “such and such struggled to stop me” and he just went ‘stop’ and she froze. LOL
    I have been awaiting this scene ever since I heard she was from a great family. Could have been bigger but it was still awesome!!

    1. The bigger scene is for the ranker 😉

      I think the lack of grandeur emphasizes how easy it was for Baam to overcome her and really shows how strong he is in comparison.

      It just makes it all the more awesome.

  5. Look at the rules. Baam doesn’t have to kill them to win. He can just break their connectors.
    They can hide their remotes all they want. Their connectors will likely be on their person meaning Baam can just freeze them, take pickpocket their connector, and destroy it.

    But, I wonder if Baam is even going to fight them to begin with. The ranker just challenged him directly. We shall now see if Baam has any pride or if his only goal is climbing the tower. The regulars have no chance, as the second most powerful one was defeated effortlessly. Only Wangnan and his pokeballs have any chance.

  6. Viole obviously won’t win. All of these interesting characters would be introduced to be knocked out instantly. I think that Wangnan’s cheap bombs are going to play a big role again soon.

    1. Ah, made a typo.
      “All of these interesting characters WOULDN’T be introduced to be knocked out instantly.”

    2. I never stated that Baam is going to win.(He’ll probably win the battle but not the war.)

      Baam has proven to be unstoppable against any regular. Wangnan is the only exception. He should be confident that he can win the game by defeating Baam with his weak attacks. However he’s scared. The only reason must be that he himself hasn’t grasped how his weak attacks damaged the monster that is Baam.

      I bet Baam is going to fight against the Ranker while the regulars make their team. The boy from the great family doesn’t even care about making teams and will probably be taken out quickly. So it will likely be Wangnan’s group versus that hairball. Whatever that was…..

      1. Baam is not unstoppable, he is just complelty protected against shinsoo.

        From the first shinsoo layer on the floor of test to the shinsoo bombs Wangnan first used it was always the case.

        And so the Wangnan crappy non-shinsoo bombs hurted him. But I am sure it could be also be the case with any physical attacks that could connect.

        I think Baam is aware of this because he bacame very fast on the contrary of normal static wave controlers who are protected by their friends. And during the last fight, he avoid each clean hit but if they were made of shinsoo.

        But the ranker, first is a ranker, and then looks quite smart and pretty strong as during the second test it scored a very very huge score just by touching the ranking machine with a finger.

        1. But physical attacks don’t matter if they can’t hit him. So technically he is still unstoppable. You can’t say to your opponent “I would be able to beat you if you weren’t faster than me.” So he is unstoppable as far as fighting regulars at the moment. Only Wangnan’s weak bombs with their special properties have done any real damage to him. And Wangnan doesn’t even know how he did it, or else he wouldn’t be so scared. Until he’s stopped by anything else you can’t say hes not an unstoppable regular.

          1. IF they realise he can recieve phsyical damage, IF manage to hit him then in the end it STILL doesnt matter because he can simply regenerate. He is unstoppable because of the sherefact there are too many IFs in order to defeat him.

  7. Awesome chapter! Somehow I want baam and the fire girl to get together, forget about that other one.

  8. mayyyyyaaaaaaan. How the heck does the author come up with suck ridiculously awesome and intriguing ideas??? She/he is a freaking GENIUS!!!

  9. The rules don’t actually say Viole can’t join a team…

    As in, somehow Wangnan is able to convince Viole and they become teammates(with others, making a team of 7). Then they go take Yeon’s room.

    Then won’t it fulfill both conditions? A group of 7 taking Yeon’s room and Viole taking Yeon’s room.

    and the High-ranker probably wasn’t introduced for nothing…

    P.S. T

  10. Damnit Baam!

    Hurry up and get accustomed to her face!

    Anyways, thanks for the release :D.

  11. This test require 7 people make a team include Yeon so 6 people is needed, Wangnan’s group = 6

    => Viole lost this game but I’m sure he will kick the rich boy ass nicely 😀

  12. I was thinking about how they could get around the obvious methods and two ideas crossed my mind. One, viole destroys yeons remote. Then the second being to take the ranker out by some method to lesson the likelyhood of rule changes. Leaving only eliminating the regulars as a means to end the game.
    Possible events to affect the game?
    Introduction of fug members or others who sympathize with viole
    Obviously that shadow
    Somebody can indirectly influence the remotes in some way.
    Somebody shows value to viole.
    Honestly no clue what will happen.
    Throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks. -cave johnson

  13. Well, with Siu I’m not even sure Bamm and the ranker will truly fight. But if they do there is a chance that they reach some kind of stalemate (for example Baam could only win if he destroys the remote with the ranker…) and when that happens someone will make him an offer, he accepts it, He gets the remote, and he also has a team (beacause the offer).
    Oh btw, I’m intrigued, just How will the rich kid affect the outcome? Is he really just all talk?

  14. I do agree on the idea there wont be a traditional fight/confrontation with love. That is why I said some method to imply it that way. Hope I implied that right.
    And the rich kid i feel wont be quite a joke, through his own or others actions. But wont hold his own against viole. In turn though will be a key plot piece in (whatever fashion siu makes) an obvious or not manner. His fail will probably be entertainingly funny or set a darker tone for the season.
    Had a good thought and lost it.. the whole point for this post.
    Though remote destruction. Say all but 5? Or can you change both connectors to negate that limitation?
    And one thing I thought to point out just in case you missed it. ( haven’t yet reread to check.) “A” teammate needs to stay in a room. Not each room.
    Correct me need be.

  15. Thanks for editing out mistakes, I like the dedication toward this project a lot. Love the manga, thanks for the translation.

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