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  1. Kasaaaaak! Heh, “I’m not running because I’m scared.” How cute! <3 Thanks for the release! 😀

  2. I love short-stuff. He acts so cute ^_^. He’s replaced Asha as my favorite character.
    Also, thanks for the chap!!

  3. Thanks for the the release. Just wondering on Naver there hasn’t been a release since the end of January. Is it ended or is he just on a break?

    Also if you haven’t had a re read of the preview recently you should … all the characters have been introduced now.

  4. Thanks for the chapter, I liked it so much!
    It was a bit surprising for me that Yuta is older than Kasak, yet not that powerful like him. In my opinion Yuta in his sura form looks more dangerous than Mr. Dragon Half.

  5. Thanks a lot for the chapter. Is it possible to help in some way (so we can get faster release because I’m really curious of what’s coming next:D). Unfortunately I don,t speak Korean so… :((

    1. You want more than twice a week? O_o;; I have a feeling you’re going to suffer a lot once the English version catches up to the Korean version and Part II starts, with only 1 chapter per week. xD

      There’s a whole lot of spoilers in the forums by the way, if you’re that curious. Me, I’m Super happy at the fast releases, it really beats back when there were no releases for months at a time. x’D

      1. Well, I agree on that and I’m grateful about the releases but still… I’ve checked the original website but only pictures aren’t enough at least for me- I have imagination yet guessing all of the time isn’t such a good thing. Moreover I hope that until the time the english version catches up to the Korean, part 2 will start. 😀 And I just want to help because I like this manga and I’m realy curious about it. xD

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