Kubera Ch60

By unanimous agreement of the Kubera team, this chapter is amazingwowawesomefantastic. 😀 Definitely a lot of interesting back-story in this one.

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12 Responses

  1. *tears of joy* Thank you! From what I’ve seen in the raws, this is indeed one of the most amazing chapters! *runs off to read it*

    1. Yeah, one of Batoto’s servers is temporarily down (updated the blog post to inform readers about it… almost forgot to). You should be able to get around it by re-adjusting which server is loading the images for you, though. This announcement here should help you: http://goo.gl/7NtYn

  2. I downloaded it instead … since I am so impatient! =D

    Yeah this chapter lives up to the hype!

    But just when you think you are getting a handle on the history/mythology … Currygom piles more on and on that part you feel as lost as you did reading the previous chapter. Suppose I need to re-read it … =)

  3. Unless I’m not mistaken that means the Cataclysm must have happened with the last 3-10 years or something

    1. N-something is a date system. 🙂 N0 is Year 0, N1 is Year 1, etc. The current year is N15.

  4. Some of you talk as though this was one of the greatest Kubera chapters yet, but in terms of Kubera quality, I rate it so, so, a 5 or so. I have definitely read better Kubera chapters then this one, but that said I enjoyed it as usual.

  5. You don’t enjoy the more-than-average plot reveleations? Do you also realize that Leez was born in N0, and that all this may be connected to her? Or that Ran’s grandmother is the one talking to Gandharva in a flashback a few chapters back?

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