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  1. Have to wait a week for the real fun -.-
    Well … it`s fun guessing who will pass the test. 8 slots and 11 possible choices with only Baam for sure.

    Thank you for the fast release!

  2. woo! thanks for another early ch!
    cant wait for baam and that kiddo to fight, cause SIU never seems to disappoint xD
    only problem in this chapter is that I dont like yeon, but I’m liking the zahard prince guy (forgot his name):D

  3. “The only thing you can trust — is your room”

    Cue wild speculation spread across multiple sites over the context and meanings of this line, at least 5% of which will somehow be centered around Baam being omnipotent for no discernable reason.

    And then next week we will find out it was exactly as it read and literally meant their rooms.

  4. I’m really excited to see the chapter next week, it will be hard to guess what the test is but I really want to see Baam fight a ranker.

    I don’t think the test is going to be that omplicated since SIU stated that it was nice to not have to write that complicated tests since there were no “scammer” like Koon in the group. It’s probably going to be pretty simple like the crown game in technical difficulties.

    1. SIU stated that the exact rules of the test will be explained next week and the pace of the story is going to go up also.

  5. Many thanks! I was worried that an Easter Day’s prank or something would appear. lol

  6. Now that you know he doesn’t have a slight interest in you, starting to wish he want your body, aren’t you? Got you! Nice work ba- I means, Viole..

  7. Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!
    looking forward to the next week !
    ( I wish I wasn’t a free loader 🙁 )

  8. dude…. this is such a sick manhwa… been keeping up since like ch56 and omg… dude i check like every half hour whenever i get a chance to see if its up… even if its still saturday xD lol thanks for the awesome fast releases. thcmpny 4evr!!!!

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