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  1. so it really was baam, I still wonder why he’d get so injured when he got hit by (,what it was claimed to be,) cheap bombs… x.x

  2. I suspect it’s -because- they were cheap bombs. The guy had been throwing shinsoo bombs just before that, and then suddenly threw the “cheap” actual bombs that looked the same. Baam seemed almost immune to shinsoo, so he didn’t have any reason to worry about the earlier bombs. Because of that he didn’t put any defenses up, meaning the cheap, non-shinsoo bombs could actually hurt him.

  3. well… even though I really really want to, now there is no denying it. I just hate that hair and the sudden power-up. I like the sweet caring Baam.

  4. I think he still has the sweet caring Baam in the inside~
    This “act” he did allowed for everyone with him to pass (beside the first couple of people…). Instead of fighting and possibly killing/failing each other, they focused on Baam. He may have only used enough power to keep them busy until the test was over. *happy thoughts*

    1. You’re wrong. He killed the 10th guy the moment he walked in, and the previous 3 were also dead.

      1. no he’s right actually. thinks about baam’s tactics for a second – he deliberately waited until there were enough of them around to properly put up a fight against him.

        if he had just attacked each and every one of them as soon as they came through the door, none of them would’ve lasted more than a few seconds. i will admit i cant explain the last guy or the first 3 though – we’ll just have to wait and see.

        1. I doubt that he had any strategy outside of passing the test, but he didn’t fight anyone until the others agreed to kick someone out. Until then he was just sitting there passively.

      2. All we see is Baam and three dead people…he obviously has the power to kill them, but didn’t necessarily do it. We don’t know in what order they came into the room, so Baam could have walked into the room AFTER the first three had been eliminated/in process of dying. For instance, one of them could have killed the other two, but sustained a fatal injury while fighting or they could have been fighting each other while Baam watched and kept out of it …. Could he have done it? Yes. Did he do it? We don’t know.

        1. And remember, most of the earlier tests didn’t have anything to do with killing an opponent, they were tests of strategy and/or survival. I think there’s still a sweet, but cynical Baam inside, whose not above killing when necessary (ha!).

          1. I think he might hvae split personality, bu it seems he is somewhat nice. he didn’t attack until provoked, and he new guy was just caught in his rage. the first 3 probably tried to kill him as well

  5. It’s nice to finally get proof that it’s Baam, I also don’t think it’s a coinsidence that he got into the same test as the guy with the Zahard ring, it’s also pretty clear that the other part of the test takers were alot closer after facing Baam, it’s possible that it is all just an act.

    I don’t think Baam intentonally planned on making the other test takers closer by playing the “bad guy” but someone might have put him up to it, knowing how he would go on.

    Baam is probably dealing with alot of emotings right now seeing as how he was recalling those memories, it seems like part of him is trying to remain friendly but the betrayal hurt him alot.

    I also support the theory about the cheap bombs being non-shinsoo or something like that, seeing as how pretty much everything in the tower is built from shinsoo, it’s probably some mixture and not a pure shinsoo attack.

    All in all, I’m just really glad that Baam is confirmed to be back and tbh, I like the new Baam, the old one was really great and all but the new one got a certain charm and it would have been weird if he didn’t change his attituted atleast a little bit after what happend.
    I think Baam will turn back a little bit into the old person he was but he won’t return to the naive guy he used to be.

  6. I think Baam was only attacking them because he knew how hard it was going to be for him and anyone who came up the tower with him, and he didn’t want to be betrayed again.

    I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m under the impression that the group your with on floor 20 with be your climbing party for the rest of the tower.

  7. During the test, Baam didn’t attack when they were all getting along and it is only when the new regular propose to eliminate one of them and they all silently agreed, that Baam attacked.
    I think Baam still wants to make friends but when they started to betrayed each other then there was no more need to hold back and in his point of view considering his painfull past, he decided that it was better to just get rid of them.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  8. Awesome new chapter thanks for the work! Most of my speculations concur with some people above and some people even brought new theories to mind! Its getting to exciting for my little heart =D

  9. Its healed his injuries now indicates it has healed his injury in the past before. It is likely the FUG members gave it to him after his fall which he barely survived. Perhaps it functions as a sort “Iron Man’s Core” where he can’t remove it because if he did he would die. So since FUG is controlling it Baam has to do whatever they say until he can get it removed somehow.

  10. in a sense, Baam’s a “regular” now. his goal is to climb the tower and so his attitude will be different. case in point, prince’s reaction to the guy who steps out of the elevator.

    a new group of people. a new set of tests. it’s going to be interesting!

  11. Mmmm another great chapter. Thanks, guys, for bringing us ch5. How can this author keep the mystery and story going like this?

  12. Ah, I knew it. But what’s that red exoskeleton thing? Also this is not the first time flamethrower girl appearance, but I just realized how cute she is. Maybe because it was from up afar. Anyway, I really was laughing at the scene when the kid hand out her snacks, poor baldy.

  13. Wait, what are you guys talking about? I thought this was a /flashback/ for leo-ro, hence before baam?

    1. and PS, if I’m right, and it is in fact Baam, I would mention the fact that /theoretically/, the people /could/ be just severely injured, and not dead.

    2. what are you talking about? the flash back begins with “listen Baam” so obviously its intended for Baam and why else would Lahel be in it? The author wants us to assume Baam killed those people. They were on the floor bleeding and we couldn’t even see their faces to indicate if they were alive or not. They didn’t even show the body of the new person who walked in the room. Its highly unlikely the author is going to show the faces of those regulars that Baam killed as they are useless characters that would take up space. Unless the author specifically tells us that they turned out fine like in other series than we have to assume that they are dead.

      1. Now you’re the one making an assumption about what the author wants. There is no evidence either way.

        From what we saw of the wounded guy in the later part of the chapter who was teleported out while still begging for aid, it seems likely that if they reach a critical state and are still alive they’re teleported out. Still no way to say what went on outside of personal preference though.

        1. I’m just following classic manga/manhwa rules. Unless they are a “Named” character, if they get taken out without showing them groaning to indicate they are okay, than they are dead. Or if they are mentioned to later have survived than they are dead. “Named” characters get the benefit of the doubt because the author can often make a twist to make them come back. However why would the author make such a twist for Non-named characters who add nothing to the story?

          1. Let me answer my own question. The only reason why the author would mention the life/death status of Non-Named characters is to preserve Baam’s purity as a protagonist character. If the author doesn’t do this then we need to assume that Baam is not pure and killed those people.

  14. Why is everyone hoping that Baam gos back to being the insanely naive person he was.I wish he kills em all and becomes as strong, feared, and heartless as the other irregulars.

  15. I think Baam will have become cynical. He may even be unecessarily violent, remember if u will he was being helped by the demon director. However i don’t think his core changed. I choose to believe that he is still a kind person if nothing else. I hope my hope is vidicated and he saves the flamethrower girl.

  16. Why the bloody hell is everybody always talking about Baam being “good” or “evil/bad”!?
    He is neither a christ nor otherwise obligated to a religion.
    He is a guy whose gal betrayed him, as simple as that. Afterwards he recovered and was “raised” in the deepest dark of the tower by FUG. There is no secret that he is mentally wounded, and tries to protect his remaining sanity by “masking” himself in nonchalance, loneliness, fearsomeness and power beyond imagination. It’s holding any other “instability-factor” aka “friends/light/warmth” away from his current fragile inner-self.

    1. Yes people don’t understand that just because Baam has killed people, it doesn’t mean its entirely his fault. Whats really at risk is whether Baam is cold blooded or not. Believe it or not most all of the Regulars have probably killed before and definitely all of the Rankers have. But its killing in cold blood or not which determines whether they are good or bad people because in the Tower life or death fighting is a commodity.

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