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  1. THX guys, this is prolly my 1st comment, but let me say I like most of ur series, Kubera as well.


  2. Hahahaha,ah Asha is funny XD, I liked the name of spotty XD,

    Ahh, that kid is very cute~

    Thank you for the new chapie~~ wonder who’s that guy that appeared in the last part… o.o

  3. Go with Yuclid. Asha would approve. B)
    Thanks sooo much for these recent regular releases! 😀

    1. Don’t take my word for it, but I think It’s because of Asha’s arm. That she doesn’t have one :/

  4. I think Asha’s coat is made out of a Sura pelt…
    just speculating…

    Also, thanks for the epic chapter as always!!!

  5. Thanks for the chapter!!! I wonder if Asha has a cursed arm or something or even no arm 0.o just have to wait i guess ^.^

  6. Thanks for all these chapters but can I ask something (I’m not sure who else can answer my question :)) ). What has happened to the original webcomic??! I don’t understand korean but judging from the pictures it’s far from over-more like it’s an end of a volume. What then? They took a break?

    1. yes, there’s a break, currygom didn’t say how long though. There’s supposed to be over 200 chapters as it was originally intended to be a novel. Also, until he starts kubera up again, he’s been releasing excerpts from the novel he was going to publish (not likely anymore because he’s doing the comic instead) on his blog.

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