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  1. Came out really fast this week Thanks alot
    Not too sure but happy birthday if it is your birthday

  2. Time frame? Baam? hmmm. I don’t know…I’m still skeptical.

    Than you for the chapter!

  3. Thank you Grumpy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You and your team did this so fast! Hopefully I get my card soon so I can be a doner.

  4. Damn, Baam has got some serious dudes backing him up from the shadows. And i simply love the colour scheme of his waves, it looks badass. Shame we cant see his face, i wish some of those random mobs would try to cut his head and cut his hair instead

    1. For those who are skeptical that it is Baam, what are the chances of their being a wave controller that looks so similar to Baam? Aren’t wave controllers suppose to be the rarest class? Its interesting that such a group as FUG exists seeing as the Tower Administrators are constantly trying to eliminate any dangerous elements that be a danger to the tower. Even from the beginning when they are not as dangerous they try to eliminate such individuals. So they must be packing some power to avoid all this process.

      1. And if the group is as powerful as they say that 20F regulars would not normally be a part of the group, than that means that you have to be a pretty powerful or special individual to be recruited at such a low level. And who is more special an individual than an irregular(assuming that he truly is)? Even if Baam’s not an irregular he’s still on a whole nother level in terms of shinsoo control. He’s able to learn shinsoo techniques that take regulars years to learn. I assume FUG doesn’t recruit lower level memebers because such members are normally too weak to defend themselves against those in the tower trying to eliminate dangerous elements.

  5. I generally never post anything. Ever. But I am unabashedly impressed and excited about this latest development. With the introduction of the ‘Once & Future King.’ and what I expect to be his Knight 25th Baam. Just wanted to say thank you. Thank you very much.

  6. Even Quant said it took him quite a long time to learn Paralyzing Flow and Baam managed to pull it off after moments even against the man himself. While it is true that Quant is kinda idiotic, he is ranker and quite skilled one. What is even more badass is that he wasnt pushed by Lero-ro when he used barrier which knocked everybody else, even daughter of Zahard princess.

    If this isnt enough proof that Baam is:
    a) badass epic character
    b) most dangerous person we saw. Maybe even Phantaminium and rest of Top 10 will be taken down when Baam makes his skills more insane.
    c) the unknown guy who pretty much annihilated the last regular who entered. Seriously, FUG hires everybody strong and Baam needs strong people to either get revenge or at least climb to the top

  7. Honestly I hope that’s not Baam. I think it would be more interesting if Baam didn’t turn dark side due to her betrayal but would stay on the right path. What would be really awesome is if for some reason there was a 11th person in this challenge and Baam walked right in.

  8. This badass character is no one else than our Baam 😀 I even made a character named 25thBaam in my favorite game Alliance of Valiant Arms :3 Looking forward to see how this all will turn out.

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