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  1. thanks~~~!!! ahh this chapter was so good, I love how dramatic it is that he can’t speak and has to write everything…. Im looking forward to the next chapter!!!

  2. nice chapter. I like the kid ! Seems like he has a crush on Leez or something. Or maybe he’s just lonely and having a friend is new to him and he really wants Leez to have a good opinion of him ^^

  3. At the rate things are going, we’re going to end up with: Kubera Leez. The first ever human to kill an advanced Sura via unintentional food poisoning. Hahaha! xD

  4. Another awesome chapter translated. Thank you!

    Oh I’ve been on naver and seen currygum haven’t made nem chapters for a few weeks… anyone who knows the reason?

    1. No need to worry – currygom is currently on hiatus. After a break of indeterminate period, she will return with Season 2 of Kubera.

      1. Phew glad to hear that! I was scared that she might have stopped the series or something 😛

  5. Thanks for the new great chapter!
    I also wonder about no new chapters on naver. Could you share one word of spoiler, please :'( It’s not dropped, right? Author is just taking a break? :'(

  6. On one hand I feel that this is a great series.

    On the other hand, from what Currygom-nim has told us, it will soon get VERY depressing…

    1. By depressing, you’re referring to the insights the various gods have had on Leez, right? Currygom made a review of Part I, and in it she (apparently Currygom’s a she O.o;; That’s what Koreans told me anyway…) doesn’t say anything particular about whether the story is depressing or anything. What she does say (it’s vague enough to not exactly be spoilers…) is:
      1. The story won’t have an open ending, she already knows how it will end.
      2. The story was originally planned as a novel, so it will be pretty long (more than 200 chapters). The story development will in fact truly start in Part 2.
      3. This is a romance story.
      What she Didn’t say is how long the break will last, but she did explain later that when the break is above a certain length of time it gets moved to the “completed” section temporarily. I’ve seen other Naver stories get moved to “completed” only to be brought back when the next season starts, so no need to panic. 🙂

      In the meantime Currygom’s been posting a side story set in the past based on the parents of one of the side characters. I’ve been sticking the text into Google Translate and decrypting them into understandable summaries, so if you’re interested I’m posting them every week in the forums. 😀

      1. Side story? It`s a different webcomic, or a novel on her blog? I don`t speak a word in korean, but I want to see that side story, if it`s in pictures. Could you give us a link?

        1. No, it’s in novel format on her blog. Kubera was originally meant to be a novel, so during the break Currygom is posting a part of it that wouldn’t fit into the main story. No pictures. 🙁

      2. Thanks for the clarification, Mizura!
        Wow, Currygom is a she, that’s nice 🙂
        No open ending sounds good to me, actually – higher chances for consistent plot.
        Romance story – lol, if Leez would have romance with someone, she should either grow up or the guy would be really unlucky 😀

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