The Company Recruiting Translators

The Company is Currently Recruiting!

Typesetter [2 Positions]

We are currently NO LONGER accepting typesetter applicants.

Korean Translator [1 Position]


Banquet Box
Space China Dress
Zippy Ziggy
And others

Do you have Photoshop or Korean language skills? Do you know someone who does? Then apply today (or drag your friends)! No experience necessary!

As an added bonus, I (Trebor) will personally meet with the new recruits and buy them free food.*

Join today!

*Offer limited to Northern NJ / NYC area.**
**Offer further limited to cute Asian females, between the ages of 20-25. Preferably rich. Bring proof of income.


10 Responses

  1. I’d like to typeset as well. No experience with manga, lots of experience with Photoshop. Finished the first part in 2 hours including the time it took to find fonts I like and a bit of fixing up in the redrawing on that one over-art with the hair and the brick wall.

    Would love to do Space China dress, not familiar with any of the other ones though. From what I read of Zippy Ziggy I might just go pick it up.

  2. I know someone that can help with everything, but the Typesettering. Though you will have to pay three hundred dollars an hour, but she is guaranteed nice. Email me if you want to met her.XD

  3. i just made a place for fansubs/scanlators to post in their staff needs, its a great idea cuz all fansubs who need staff can be equally seen by people who need and interested in taking positions

    the post access will be granted to fansub mods, so contact me if u are interested
    its completely free of charge and easy to use. after grant, just double click on the page and post an ad, then itll be urs, so you can update it when your saff needs change
    itll be big in no time
    The firt people who apply, get a higher place in page!

    i would be happy if u get a grant and post your needs in this page. some fansubs also are showing their support (in just 1 day)

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