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    1. Yes. But Mangafox has been ripping our credits out of the chapters or photoshopping them out, so that’s why there are so many watermarks this time.

  1. Very good chapter! Thanks for all the hard work, and it’s good to hear that the cleaner is out of the hospital.

  2. SQUISHED LIKE A BUG!!!!!!!!…. if only for the catharsis.

    Thanks for the awesome new chapter. As amazing a job as always!

  3. Thx for ch72!

    Great chapter with lotsa intersecting plots and twists! Gotta say The Cump’ny hit the jackpot when you chose this manwha.

  4. You’re cleaner just got back from the hospital? Hope He/She is doing okay, thanks for the effort : )

  5. It doesn’t matter if its late you all do a good job and everyone apreciates it so THANKS LOTS =)

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