Green Boy Ch40

Yay~ Chapter 40 is out, enjoy!
We’re still in need of Korean translators. Again, if you’re fluent in Korean and would like to help us release these series faster, you can apply here. Thank youuu <3
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8 Responses

  1. Really funny chapter.
    Jane in tsundere mode, Taejin as a stalker and his mom misunderstandaning what he is doing with two girls and also the coach…

    But some serious things too. WOnder how long Ha-Eun will be able to keep up with this cupid act…she was already crying seeing Taejin together with Jane.

    And also it’s time for Taejin fight his old bully(forget his name)…

    1. So far his name has yet to be revealed… I’ve dubbed him the “creepy stalker guy” when I do the quality checks.

  2. Really great chapter. The story line is speeding up, Ha-Eun is getting more character depth, and The guys here at the Company are still doing a top-notch job. Thanks for EVERYTHING

    ps: poor Ha-eun, I hope the author doesn’t leave her out in the cold by the end of this series.
    pss: why is coach being consoled by an ape?

    1. I hope so, too. Ha-eun is such a sweet character; I want her to have her own happy ending as well.

      And to answer your question~ the ape at the very end is actually the artist of Green Boy. 😛 He portrays himself as a gorilla and the author as a giraffe, hehe.

      1. annnd… Seongsoo (male coach) is being consoled by Im Jin-Gook (the artist) because Erika (female coach) turned him down for a drink.

        Poor Seongsoo!

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