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    sorry…. she is such a BOSS character, this is just an amazing re-intro 😀

    PS thcmpny, we seriously love you guys

  2. AAAH, Frig, what was that? So cool~
    Who did a dance of happiness seeing this?
    Che, look at all that panache being thrown around.

  3. Thks guys, i wonder where Yuri’s team is?
    Are they helping the others in their quest, or are they with Yuri?

  4. Thanks a lot for the chapter, goodbye to the lizard princess and ghostly eye balls princess… all hail Yuri, the sexy black haired beauty… i mean the great princess.

  5. <3 YURII !! I missed her, she's so pretty here!
    I love how the eyes are all of different colors and match the outfits/characters!

    Thanks a lot for all your work, it makes me so happy each time you can't imagine !

  6. man every chapter makes it look like the next is going to be better,and it always is.This Manhwa is amazing. thank you for the upload

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