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  1. *spoiler guess*

    He’s part fairy, I expected as much several chapters before, that is why her powers won’t work on him. But now with those fairy eyes… I mean they look exactly like hers when she uses her power.

    I suppose his mother fell in love with his father and decided to remain in the human world with her love rather then take his life.

    Speaking of, I see that fairy morality is different then humans, but now that he has been personalized to her, I am surprised she is just as willing to succeed, if only she can.

    I am also surprised that if her only goal is to succeed, she doesn’t just find another adult human male. She acts like he is the only one on earth.

  2. Maybe this has been commented on before, but back in ch 1 it says that the guy she chooses dies afterwards. If she really likes him, she’d move onto to someone “expendable”, no?

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