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  1. Thanks for another great quick release, if ti wasnt so awkward I would say I Love the company, but for some wired empirical reason that just sounds wrong. SOOOOOOO THANKS AGAIN!


    Keep up the good work.

  3. YEAH BABY! Checked in and caught Ch54 before it got to the manga sites. Thanks for TL for us!

  4. Thanks for the release.

    Does anyone else find it even remotely weird that lots of the people in Tower of God who look like girls, are actually guys? or that characters only have one space for their eyes and mouths (first Headon and now the Sheep)? Lol well just makes it more fun, but seriously its weird lol.

  5. Pride, I don’t agree.

    As far as you terrible scantalers who are making us think we can expect multiple ToG every week, I’m watching you! My vengeance for raising our expectations of you guys will be terrible!(I mean when it drops down again)

    Though seriously, it sure would be nice if some of these translation efforts were redirected into other really good comics that are falling behind.

    1. Truepurple, we’ve never hidden the Korean versions. If you’ve gone to the Korean site, you’ll notice that we are proceeding weekly with the Korean author. We’ve simply moved our releases from a Friday/Saturday release to a Monday/Tuesday release, but this doesn’t change that it’s still released WEEKLY. We’ve never not been caught up to ToG, in terms of a weekly basis.

      As for other comics, we are working to get them out, but again, the problem is always staffing. The staff that works on ToG isn’t the same as all the other staff, and even if it was, the pacing that we set for ourselves isn’t going to be the same for ToG (i.e., ToG comes out once a week, we know what to expect, but for other comics that already have 20 chapters out, we can’t do the same thing).

  6. Wow, those are BigBang Lies lyrics. I’m so sorry but I love you. All lies. XD. 2 of my worlds colliding.

  7. I admit that things got a little confusing after the part with Koon in it, but good job as always guys. Thanks!

  8. Man, I can’t believed you didn’t call it the Zahard Royal Guard (ZRG) in Korean manwha. Add an E between Z and R if you really don’t get it 😛

  9. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    It seems like everyone I thought was a guy turns out to be a girl, or vice versa -_-‘

      1. Lol, it’s funny cause that makes three of us, when I first started reading this manhwa I thought Baam was a girl and that the guy with white hair was a girl, and I also thought Ho was a girl, and over time I started realising I was wrong, really, really, wrong… ;P

  10. does anyone notice that the crimson three eyes symbol is also shown in Baam’s cave(chapter 28).

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