Tower of God: ch52 – Submerged Fish (1)

Muhahaha~~ I have made ToG release once in a really long time.

Enjoy the early release! And try not to complain next week saying that waiting for 2 weeks is terribly miserable. Just read this on Sunday then. >.>


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  1. Thanks a bunch love the early release and its cool if the next one takes 2 weeks XD (hopefully less though).

    I wonder if Baam will climb the tower anyways and then wish to bring Lahel with him to see the stars =O. Then everyone’s happy. kinda. lol

  2. awww yeaaah!! Early releases FTW!! You got it done in one day too O_O

    As always great work you guys! Keep those releases coming! Two thumbs up!
    When I first saw the preview pic I thought Koon had an extra arm on his right (or is it left?) side….yeah I know I’m stupid…

  3. Thank you very much for translating Tower of God, and even more for doing it so fast.

  4. Rak is seriously the best character I’ve see i years,
    Love ToG, Love The Compay.
    ps my letter lm_op is broke >.<

  5. wow, this is early

    THANK YOU!!!


    but ya’know. this chapter sucks. everything is so freakin hard to understand. And i wanted to see the judges make their decision

  6. Thank you!! but already preparing for the final test? please tell me its just for this level…there is supposed to be over twenty some levels to the tower.

  7. What an early release :3

    As always, great job on the high quality translations. You guys have got to be my fave group for scanlation-type comics, even if it’s mostly Korean webcomics. WE LOVE YOU. <3

  8. I’m not posting here to thank you, if that’s what you were thinking. I just don’t have anything better to do right now.

  9. I found ToG two days ago and have since been on a bender reading it, downloading and fully enjoying it. Thank you so much for translating this weekly, I am very grateful! Keep up the great work!

  10. Thanks for SUPER fast release!!

    Love Tresor’s note. This reader’s note would be: Koon, please marry me!

  11. its seems i am having an error either downloading or viewing this files it said the domain is missing or something can you please check if its only me

  12. sucks for you late guys.

    the site does seem to be down
    maybe a kind soul can give ya’ll a mega upload link
    unfortunately i didn’t download it. i used the reader.

  13. Thanks for the hard work as always!

    The chapter feels so short this time, but probably because not much happened.

  14. Currently on chapter 12, catching up at lightning speed. Felt like I really should show my appreciation to you guys. So thank you for the hard work!

  15. Lol I just noticed the ads where Koon and the jumpsuit guy were drinking. Were those ads originally in English? or did you actually translate them? They’re funny lol. Author has jokes XD.

    1. If you check the original, you’ll see the Yuri poster hasn’t changed but that the ads on the machine were translated.

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