Tower of God: Ch49 – 2F – Hide and Seek (6)

Damn… He looks like he’s ready to kill.

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  1. So I have a test in 4hrs, after studying for at least 9hrs I was finally off to bed. I casually come here and find this, won’t be able to sleep without reading it… why do you do this to me?! lol I guess rest can wait till I get my fix.

    Anyways thnx for the chapter!


    btw I was just wondering who that silhouette was near the end. The one standing on top some kind of hill with a sword…etc..

    1. Uhm, that was Baam, haha, thought that was pretty obvious.
      Anyway, realy curious to how this all will work out, and thnx for the chapter!

  3. Ohh thanks for the chapter. =)Hmmm… looks like we won’t find out who gave the note, until much later.

    1. Based on her last lines, it seems very possible that Miss Androssi left the note. She did know about Baam and Lahel’s situation after all. The motivation is a bit unclear, was it just to cause some confusion? Or maybe she was trying to motivate Baam?

      1. Yeah, that’s quite a possibility. Though at this stage, who knows. It could be anyone and as I recall, the 2 females were talking away in the washroom. However, someone else could’ve also been in 1 of the stalls.

        If it’s Miss Androssi, I don’t think her intentions are simply to motivate Baam. But surely she’s powerful enough to get rid of Ho or anyone else, without resorting to such methods.

        1. Androssi had already said she don’t want to harm Lahel, so i don’t think it is her who wrote the note.
          The red-hair girl has much more reason to do it. Baam make her lose one eye, she also know about Lahel situation because it was for protecting her. At a time we have seen her everywhere, always watching in silence. Finally she is probably the other qualified among the wave controller (with Laure), so Baam the genius is a real treat for her position…
          Androssi has no reason to do it, the red-air has a lot of them.

      2. I think it’s that blue hair guy that’s was friend with Baam. He looked like he plannned the whole thing, including how team A lost and etc. so that Baam can win or something.

    1. They already passed this round, so they did not have to participate in this test 😉

  4. Thanks for latest chapter!! I think Miss Androssi is the author of the note and can’t wait to see showdown between her and the ranker 🙂

    1. Actually I was hoping to see Baam fight Ms. Androssi tbh, cause it’d be pretty cool if he did and won =P. Since he can’t beat the ranker yet, and I wanna see him actually fight in this game lol.

      Thanks btw for the release

    2. I highly doubt Androssi wrote the note. Why else would she have protected Lahel as a teammate before? Besides, Baam’s not much of a threat to her since they’re going for different positions. The tight-wearing wave controller is much more likely to be the culprit

  5. It seem pretty obvious to me that Koon was the one who wrote that note.

    First is that Koon doesn’t care about Lahel at all, but does want Baam to advance. Now Baam showed his skills the best when Lahel as threatened during the crown game.

    The second point is that Koon talks to Quant at the end of team A game, which might be how Quant knows that there are Traitors in Team B.

  6. thank you sooo much!! i’ve read all the chapters in a row!!! i like this sooo much!! thank you! thank you!!!

  7. Because of how the note was written, my top two choices are Lahel and the teacher of the Wave Controllers (the one in the sheep looking outfit). If it is Lahel, the reason could be that she wanted to fake her own death or to teach Baam a lesson (she seems so fond of helping him grow, maybe she wants him to be more independent). She could’ve enlisted Koon’s help (magical cloning bag? can it clone people too?[speaking of…what ever happened to that black blob guy who got sucked up in it?!]).
    For the theory that Koon was the one who sent the note, maybe he put things together about people (by observing them and/or “google-ing” them like he did Anak) and predicted which ones would end up as betrayers. Perhaps he wanted to expose them in a controlled environment so there would be the least amount of damage/casualties. Or he was simply just testing Baam.

    And, before I forget, thank you so much for the translations. TOG is one of my favorite series. I wish it would be printed in book format…Who knows? Maybe one day it will be.

    1. I think it was Koon who left the message, in order to force a couple of interactions to occur as he wanted them too. This way he already got rid of Ho, who is a threat to Baam so long as she’s around, Baam now knows for sure that Michelle is Lahel (although it’s hard to tell how much he already knew for sure), and this has also forced Baam to show of his Wave Controller abilities. This would also make sense since Ho even commented that it seemed like Quant (the ranker) new about the situation, and we already know Koon had an oppurtunity to talk to (and subsequently “use”) Quant in the last test. Koon is a tricky bastard, but I do think he has Baam’s best interests in his scheming.

  8. Somewhat random theories about Baam’s “cave” world:
    1. Floor Zero? It’s actually a place underneath the tower!
    2. It’s really the world that the King of Jahad and the ten families came from (aren’t they originally foreign to the tower too?) (it would explain the carvings in the “cave” and maybe how Lahel knows of the tower) [and if it is, maybe Baam is a “son” that was left behind?]
    3. It’s just another world, not much more to it.
    Who Headon was talking to:
    1. Lahel (maybe she stayed on that floor to see how Baam did) (it would also account for how she was the first of the two in but the last for the team forming test)
    2. the “god” of the tower
    3. one of the irregulars (like Phantominum-sorry I probably got his name wrong-he’s shrouded in mystery and riddles)

    1. I agree that it’s “Floor Zero” and is the foundation of the tower. Wether the rest of the stuff is true, I don’t know, but there are a lot of mysteries about Baam. Namely, how does Lahel know so much more than him when they’re from the same place?

      Interesting idea about him being a/the son of Jahad, that would actually make a bit of sense.

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