Kubera Chapter 25

Yup… another chapter, just for you!

Don’t you feel special?  I know I do.  Don’t forget to welcome PBJr back to the fold [gosh I’ve missed him!!!]

On another note…

There were some issues with the initial release of chapter 24, so we are re-releasing a remastered version [minus errors].

Enjoy reading or downloading the remastered version!

Don’t forget to give Currygom some love, too!

Click here for chapter 24’s raw!

Click here for chapter 25’s raw!

<3 FuBuLy, Cala, PBJr <3

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19 Responses

    1. If you read the re-release… you shall find all the answers… unless you have the memory of a Dory… ya know… a little blue fish?

      /goes back to cleaning something…

        1. I wasn’t trying to be mean… sheesh… I compare you to one of my all time favorite cartoon characters and you call me a jerk?

          /me goes and cries in a corner

          1. Well, in the initial upload the title Priestess was used in lieu of Oracle and some of the dialogue and thought segments were lacking and needed improvement. There were other things at issue, but my brain is all melty because of the heat… so I can’t remember it all.

  1. Welcome and tnx for chapter everyone! Woohoo asha woke up and all the things we wanted to know about her, We still dont know :S!

  2. wow thank you so much for the fast releases!! this is one of my favorite series…thx again!!

  3. Hahahah! “What a spoiled brat” indeed! xD She’d probably get her way more if she were nicer about it. xD

  4. The flashback finished in the most interesting part! I want to know if Asha was talking about herself when she mentions “that girl that sought revenge” in chapter 4.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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