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  1. The last two or three boxes of text, at the end of the chapter. Who is supposed to be saying those words? Is that Koon?

  2. good speed!!
    nice chapter, go koon!
    just a reminder that there is a typo for the chapter number on the title.

  3. omg… thanks for the chapter! but… I was suddenly reminded of the “I am disappoint!” internet meme when reading through… the correct english should be He sure doesn’t disappoint expectations, or something….. idk >-< nevermind I just thought it was and sounded funny 😛

  4. The chapter is early! The chapter is early! (I think) Thank you so much! What an awesome chapter! 😀

  5. First of all THANKS for the release!

    Am I right to assume Koon had planned everything from the beginning so that they would all be able to give a good enough performance to pass and still give Baam a chance on the other team? I think he was the one who asked the sleeping dude to stay there and then help the ranker up. What do you guys think?

    1. This is what I was thinking.

      I think the only reason the guy agreed with Koon to help the ranker is because he is friends with Baam as well. Apparently all it takes to earn this guy’s loyal friendship is finding his missing pillow.

    2. Y I got that feeling also since it’s not like the ranker expected laurel or knew him and cause koon said those words at the end! But its still not sure since the director was acting quiet like she knew something like that would happen! Well we’ll just have to wait and see!

      1. I don’t think the director was in on it if that’s what you’re suggesting. She seems to be extremely perceptive and could probably either tell that someone was down there or that Koon was trying to fail.

  6. OMG Kroon set up A team’s failure so Baam could have a chance to climb. They never said that Koon wasn’t a “shoe in” or in danger of failing. I wouldn’t pass Mr. Koon of putting a note under Ho’s door as a trap.

  7. Thanks for the epic chapter!

    Until I read the comments though, I didn’t even think that Koon would actually set up his own team’s failure from the beginning. Now that last smile has ‘just as planned’ written all over it~

  8. “The stairs have been built.”

    “Come up, Baam.”

    Judging from the word choice, Koon thinks he passed and at the same time made it easier for Baam to pass. 😮

    I wonder if his awesome face in the last panel is just lighting, or a hint that something is about to happen? God, it’s hard to wait. Thanks for translating this series!

  9. Thank you for super speedy release. I can’t wait to see what Baam does when he’s up against “That poisonous toad”. Also, I want to see just what that tights and mask wearing girl’s deal is. She’s the only background character who actually did good in the crown game and shes on Baam’s team in the upcoming round.

  10. I take back what I posted. She’s not on Baam’s team I said that because I never saw her on Koon’s team. I guess she’s not gonna be doing anything from now on. Looking forward to Baam saving Lahel from Ho now though.

  11. Thanks for the quick release, too bad there isn’t action in the next one but continu the good work

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