Kubera Chapter 22



Chapter 22…  I know you all have been waiting and waiting and…

So, no more waiting!

Also, we will have a guest translator for the next few chapters,

be sure to say hi to Kyouria!

<3 FuBuLy, MfKevinKing, Kyouria <3


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14 Responses

  1. Yaaaaaay! Thanks! Ooh, I Like that preview pic! 😀 Eheheh, Brilith looked so silly with the candy. Uwah, that last frame was scary though!

  2. Glad you like the release! I’m eager to see what will happen next! dun dun duuuuun!!!

  3. Awesome chapter! Asha seems to be dangerous! And Brilith thinks she is a man -well, actually I hope she is a he and Asha said he is a she beacuse Asha has less troubles with girls XD- I can’t wait for next one! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!

    I love you guys!

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