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  1. Awesome job as usual and thanks for the release. Koon got some nice credit for his strategy and I can’t wait to see what he has planned next.

    1. Well,yes and no. The strategy we’ve seen so far wasn’t a good one, or at least they say so in the chapter. He’s obviously planning something else that we aren’t aware of yet.

      1. From what I can gather, they’re not actually praising him for his strategy, but for his quick-thinking.

        Considering he under-estimated Quant badly, the fact that he chooses to make the best of his 32 minutes 13 seconds, by trying to run, rather than setting up another ambush. I think that’s what they praised him for. 🙂

        1. No, I’m pretty sure Seraph was more closer to the answer. Koon has experience with rankers because of his family. Also, his family has better rankers so there is no he would underestimate Quant.

          My guess is that Koon had a secret agenda in his “fake” trap and that we will see it in two chapters from now (I just looked at the pictures for the next chapter).

          1. I think that the whole point of Koon’s plan is to mislead Quant. Quant is going to spend most of the 32 minutes thinking that he’s chasing the “it” of Koon’s team, only to realise that everyone was actually a decoy and that Koon’s “it” will be at the other exit (since there’re two). That way, Qyant won’t have enough time to reach the it in time.

          2. One plot twist i can think of is, Koon made a clone of the “sticker”, and gave it to Anak without telling her its fake.. explaining why she really tried to hit the ranker’s sticker.

      2. well yeah, koon is going to kill the ranker with his own hands, he just wanted minions to agitate ranker and make him reckless… im kidding but who is to say i am wrong

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