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  1. Great first chapter, really looking forward to the next ones. Also, really cool graphic in the middle of the chapter.

  2. ho! We got one interesting new series here! Seems like a good choice for scanlation to me! Thanx!

  3. This is now one of my favorites! I already knew what the body language meant because I want to be a criminal profiler. What Frost does is exactly what I want to do!

  4. i searched gordon exner on google… and even searched what he said but couldn’t find who he is 🙁

    1. Either he was created for the sake of Dr. Frost, or the translators mistook John for Gordon.

    2. Actually, he is referring to Gordon Allport, who described two major ways to describe “personality”; Nomotheic and idiographic psychology. Nomothetic psychology focuses on the general laws that can be applied to many different people while idiographic psychology seeks the unique aspects of a particular individual.

      I had trouble researching him, too. It was chance that I found his real name.

      1. Lol, so maybe he took John Exner and Gordon Allport, combined them and made Gordon Exner. xD

        1. Hahaha. Yeah, that most likely is the answer. John E. Exner & Gordon Willard Allport combined!

          Even though I do not mind referencing to a fictional character…
          With the kind of theme that this manwha or webtoon has, I wish it could reference real people.

          1. In the author’s blog, he explains how “Gordon Exner” is a fictional character. Which is extremely misleading of the author, as in this kind of a quasi “educational” webtoon, the audience will believe about anything he feeds them. Imagine being embarrassed while talking to psychologists or even psychology majors by arguing what a cool line Gordon Exner has said.

            He never even wrote on the webtoon’s comment section that Gordon Exner is fictional. It’s not like the entire argument that creates Dr.Frost’s character goes out the drain if he reveals that on the first episode. (sarcasm intended.) I just think at least in this week’s episode, where the author uses the line, “All humans are the same,” he had revealed how Gordon Exner is fake. Poor audience is still has the wrong impression.

  5. Heh, the shapes on the wallpaper are identical to the first card of the Rorschach test (a popular psychodiagnostic analysis).

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  6. Anyone else notice that his rubix cube was a 4x3x3 the first time he was holding it and changed to a 3x3x3 afterward, probably just a mistake when being drawn but still caught my eye

  7. he’s a fake person.. he doesn’t exist lol.

    sorry for not putting that in the chapters

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