The Bullet Saint V2

Hey, sorry it took so long, here’s The Bullet Saint Volume 2!  Yeah, strangely enough, for me break time = no productivity hence why it took so long to get this done.  My bad.

~ Nura

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Some explanation by Grumpy:
Confused about some volume/chapter counts on other sources? One place says only 5 volumes exist while others say 34 volumes? Volume vs chapter, wth?
The Bullet Saint is released under two types of print. First (chronologically), it is released in “bounded volumes” (I just made that word up) where it’s bounded with few other comics. This forces only a handlful of pages to fit in a full ~200 page volume. Each volume is still a “volume” though, we could also call it a semi-magazine. Such method is done to ease sales of new titles or less-popular titles with the popular one. Second, it’s also re-released in a full volume where it only has TBS chapters. This print is currently far behind. So, naturally, the only method of count we can use is the “bounded volume” count where 1 volume  = 1 chapter for TBS. So, we’re sticking to the plain volume count. Confused? Well, being ignorant here isn’t that big of a deal here. lol

New to the scanlation process, as of now can do cleaning/typesetting (although the quality is questionable =^P). I enjoy most genre's of manga/manhwa/anime/etc but Id/ToG is def. one of my top.

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