Tower of God – ch32: 2F-Jahad’s Princess (2)

Title of “Jahad’s Princess” vs “Princesses”… 😛 Who knows… flip flopping time. xD

Btw, yes, I do know that the French word for princess is princesse. But the author hasn’t used French anywhere and a sudden French title just seems odd.
(I do realize the test instructor spoke French, that’s my substitution of French for when she spoke English. lol – and yes, we [more like I] translate things in many ways. lol)


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  1. Question!!! In this part where Androssi says “Dumping a man after playing around with him, you really are a sinful woman, ANDROSSI”. Was she really talking to herself or did she mean “Anak” there? Because it felt to me like Androssi meant “Anak” there instead of herself from “Anak”‘s reaction afterwards…but then again she wasn’t looking at “Anak” when she said it so it could be me being totally paranoid >.<

  2. Androssi was referring to herself in that statement.

    “Dumping a man after playing around with him, you really are a sinful woman, ANDROSSI.” That’s actually a statement of praise, not a statement saying that she really is a bad woman. In simpler terms, her statement is like “Oh, Androssi, you man-killer you.”

    Anak was pissed because she had time to flatter herself when Anak was chasing after her.

    1. By the way, |Tower of God – ch31: 2F-Jahad’s Princess (2)| – obviously it should be chapter 32.

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