Series drop: Hwarang Next Door

Hello everyone.

The series: The Hwarang Next Door is being dropped.

Sorry to any of the fans out there but due to lack of popularity, especially among the company (except one person), this is getting the boot. We may put out one or two more releases as they’re partially worked on, but don’t get your hopes up. If another group is willing to continue the title, we may be able to provide some portions such as the translation for next few chapters (b/c it’s already done). We hope to get some of the other slow series moving by shifting the labor from this to another.

No other series is scheduled for a drop at this time, they’re just moving slowly due to lack of (wo)man power, though, not a lack of interest.

~ Grumpy

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  1. Understandable. It didn’t look great from the get go IMO (not terrible though). On the up-side you can focus more on the other great series instead of this one.

    Sorry I can’t help out seeing as I’m uni-lingual atm. Are there any other ways that we readers can help out other than donations/translation?

    1. Roughly only a 1/4 of the time spent is actually on a translation and sometimes even less. Especially for a series like HND which has a lot of text on non-bubbles, cleaning takes a huge toll and typesetting to match the original’s unique style is again a heavy toll. But, translation is usually the biggest bottleneck unfortunately. 🙁
      You can check out the application forum which shows several types of jobs in a scanlation in the tests. We also do things like background checks which take a chunk of time as well. We even had fubu go about searching through books on boxing to make sure our Green Boy lingos were correct. 😛 Looking up Hindi god names for Kubera and such. …Though, some research came at a step too late to rewind on mistakes.
      Lot of unexpected work goes to producing quality. 😀

  2. good idea the series didn’t interest me in the slightest. got to stick to the more gender neutral series on the company site. that’s why the is so much traffic not overly shounen or shoujo and most series are somewhere in between.

  3. Alright, no problem. Thanks for those first few chapters, they were entertaining at least. 🙂 Also, this doesn’t seem to be one of those series that are very hard to understand from just the raws, so it’s fine if more effort is dedicated to other series (so many interesting series! Since someone mentioned Kubera, I’m really curious what happened in the latest chapters xD ).

  4. The TL, Pedo_Bear_Jr dissapeared into thin air…

    oh also, with this series dropped, we’ll be continuing the release of Banquet Box

  5. I am the only one who liked it? O.o
    Looks like it (TT.TT)
    Even so…thanks for the releases 🙂

  6. What do you mean, ‘due to lack of popularity’?
    See how ‘unpopular’ this is on

    Same on MangaFox

    I’ll bet if you look ANYWHERE, a mere two chapters has a high rating ONLY. No-one’s voted it down.

    Bring it back, please.

    Or I’ll have to learn Hangul.
    I’ll translate from Japanese for you.
    Clean the pages. Type in the Hangul if you translate.
    Create a font for the non-bubble texts.

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