Tower of God ch30 – 2F Position Test (3)

Here’s an interesting proposal to those who ask repeatedly ask us, “When is the next chapter going to be out?”

Well, given that this comes out every week, I find it to be a pretty stupid question. But, if you are looking for a more specific date and time, it’s an answer NO ONE can answer UNLESS we schedule the releases. The schedule, naturally, can’t be earlier than viable time to finish the chapter, be it short chapter or a long chapter. So, I can schedule the releases to be ALWAYS on Sunday 11:00PM – South Korea timezone (ie. hour before the next chapter comes out officially). Wouldn’t that be great? 😀 Then I can actually answer your question of “when the next chapter is going to be out.” 🙂

For everyone else (ie. not asking the question), enjoy~

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  1. Thx a lot ;p

    And for release date.. Hmm just write beetween sunday 0000 to satursday 2359 :DD Or smt. This is very accurate isn’t it?


  2. Thanks for the great chapter.

    My only guess as to why people keep asking you when the next chapter comes out would be that they are either new to TOG and have become hopelessly addicted or they are quite young.

    Good luck and I hope the best for your health and patience.

  3. Rofl@: “My name is Ho” wow, just.. wow

    Btw, I don’t think I like those last images with Lahel. They’re ominous…

  4. Thank you for release! And as the release date for this wonderful series, I don’t think it is important…as long I get read it once in while! 🙂

  5. For what it’s worth, Korean Standard Time (KST) is +14 hours EST.

    So 12pm, Thurs EST is 2am, Fri KST.

    That makes 11pm KST, Sunday = 9am EST, Saturday.

    Isn’t it great living on the other side of the Date Line?

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