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      1. Would you prefer she gave up her only dream that mere thoughts of keep her up at night, and the webcomic ended?

  1. great thanks, and the alligator is awesome xD

    anyone able to translate the classes (i assume thats what they are) from the newest korean chap?

    there seem to be 5 and from mentions past chapters it includes these:

    – Fisherman (yuri, alligator)
    – Guide (evan)
    – Lightbearer

      1. I’ve seen fan translations of all 5 positions in various forums. They all sound related to ocean fishing to me..

  2. Thanks a bunch.

    Lol was funny at the end where the alligator asks about if he ate the bananas cause right underneath that was a food ad saying “5 foods you should never eat: *picture of a banana*” lol.

    And if Lahel didnt lie to Baam the story would end so she kinda had to lol.

  3. You’re right, a beaut of a chapter. Thanks for another Tower of Grumpy, er, Tower of God installment.

  4. I noticed a spelling error from this chapter and laughed from what you said in the post of chapter 26 (proper version). When Anak says “You, moron. Anyway, let me as(k) you one thing.” Ask became As here. I don’t mind this error in any way just thinking that even The Company’s “scrutiny” is not perfect. I’m not trying bash at you guys or anything though. Anyways thanks for working on this great series!!! 🙂

  5. nice chapter. i especially loved the dreamy picture of her on top of the tower, thats my new desktop pic

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