Zusun – ch0: Preview

Woo~~ Another series? It’s got such great art that I decided to call dibs on it. haha

Read details in the credits at the end.


Here’s some info on the series since this isn’t registered on Manga updates yet.

Title: Zusun, Jade Dynasty, 주선
Author/Artist: 호랑 (Horang)
Year: 2010
Genre: Action, Romance, Adventure, Shounen, History
Copyright: Daum for Comic. Perfect World Entertainment Inc. for the game and trademark.

Summary: … read the preview chapter. >.>


~ Grumpy

Scanlation English
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6 Responses

  1. looks cool, i like the cel-shading-like effect… looks like a great paint like computer animated thing or a computer animeted like painting… or some godly drawing skills

  2. Ho Rang really is a great artist. His art is just amazing in Song of the Cloud and it looks like Zusun might even be better ^^

  3. Zusun is Korean pronunciation of 诛仙 (Zhu Xian), which is the original name of the game based off a very popular Chinese internet novel. The company which made the game, Perfect World, chose to name it Jade Dynasty for the English market. The webcomic is most likely an adaptation of the novel for Korean fans.

  4. I love how the artist does his art.. in the preview it looks even softer and more beautiful than it already does. I’m really excited for the coming chapters, keep them rolling! 🙂

    and Musou, if that’s so, that is interesting. I’m going to have to google that up myself and see it. Thanks for the information. ^.^

  5. Thanks for all your works ! =D

    I have an important qestion to ask you. With a friend, a project was made to offer scan in a special url.
    And so, what i would ask you is your allow for using your scans for making a taduction into french.

    Here is my e-mail : funy_berlio@hotmail.fr
    If you could send me an answer..
    I thank you very much



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