Donation = Pre-release?

Okay, though we’re not really a group who constantly begs for donations, we haven’t received a cent for quite a number of months now.

Also, there have been a number of people asking for pre-releases so that they can read our releases early as possible, though may be flawed or incomplete.
We also did not want to publicly release pre-release version as they’re bound to get viral and out of control. They are often even lacking credit pages and we would really hate to see a pre-release version end up on some online reader.

Given two such problems, a solution came into my head. Donators get to see pre-release versions~~~! Yay~!
By pre-release, I really mean that you can see our work in progress. We are not going to make a fancy pre-release reader. But you have access to our project, so you could just read the translation scripts side by side with raws, or wait till it’s fully typed and not proofread. It’s just open freedom for viewing. 🙂

The only conditions to qualify for pre-release viewing are:

  1. Donation made must be greater or equal to US$5.00
  2. The donator may not redistribute the pre-released version. (Ex: Do not upload it on online readers)
  3. The donator is required to have a forum account upon which you will receive the donator title. This obviously waves the rights to anonymity since it’s impossible.

If you are wondering what we’re going to to with the donation, please visit the donation page.

In your donation, please attach a note containing your forum id.

Merry Christmas & happy reading,

13 Responses

  1. are there any other ways of donation except for credit cards? like ‘web money’ or anything like that?

  2. that’s really sad, cause i belive there are lot’s of people who don’t have credit cards yet and knows nothing bout transactions – kids, teens etc..

  3. …And the best thing is that it could even make profit!

    No, I’m not serious, but somebody could be. Although I see no reason for pre-releases, I guess you really need the money. And I should be respecting your decision anyway.

  4. na, all the money gets diluted to some of the staff members, grumpy doesn’t eat it all :P, i don’t think they are trying to make profit out of their work >_> not to mention the income you gain from donations aren’t worth the effort >_>…

    1. I modified your account. You didn’t say anything, so I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be anonymous or a donator status and actually sent an email just now. But I saw this post, so I went ahead with it.

  5. umm… I didn’t see where to put a note on the donation, and i didn’t see this note, is there any way that I can prove that it was me that gave the donation?

    1. During the donation process, there’s a small field in paypal that says something like leave a note.

      If you missed that, you can just PM me on the forum with your paypal email and amount.
      edit. nvm. I don’t see the purpose of giving you extra work. your email for paypal and forum is identical anyway. Adding you to the list now.

  6. Wait, if we give money to you, you would show us the non-proofread/non-quality checked work…
    We don’t give you money, you give us proofread/quality checked work.
    I wonder if this is really a benefit. Why do people even want the pre-release? Are they that desperate?

    1. Well, you could consider it as a small benefit for those who want to spoil themselves. But we are not delaying the actual release, it’s simply released when it’s all done. So, benefit is pretty much limited to a fancy title on the forums for those who don’t want to spoil themselves.

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