Tower of God ch24 – 2F-Crown Game (11)

I had to resist very hard to not put a spoiler featured pic this time… lol


Like last time, here’s the link to the official page

which hosts this chapter of Tower of God. If you
wish to support the author, please visit the link.

— Stats —
Percentage of people who visited the link last
time who read through The Company site:
Over 50%

Percentage of people who visited the link last
time who read through other sources:
Approximately 1%


Btw, check this out AFTER you’ve read the chapter. It’s mega spoiler.

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  1. thx guys
    i have a question why do you do you ask us to support just one of the authors. What about the other webcomics?

  2. seems like my guess about the last boxes….,was right..!…,”That voice….Lahel…”……,hehe…,!

  3. I must confess curiosity at the statistics stated: of the people who visited the link last time, ~50% used The Company’s site and ~1% used other sources? Who are the remaining ~49%…? (By any chance, do they refer to those who only viewed it in its original form and never read a translated version?)

    While I’m posting, indeed thank you very much! *has been enjoying this fiction significantly*

    1. *facepalm*
      50% means that 50% of those who read ToG on Company entered the link.
      1% means that 1% of those who read ToG on some other site entered the link. That also means that 50% who read ToG on Company didn’t enter the link and 99% of people who read ToG on some other site didn’t enter the link. There is no 49%… Is it clearer now?

  4. I read the raws when they are out, so there’s no need to visit the link again through this site. I’m sure there are more people who do this, so add that 50% and quite a number of people support the author! GOOOOd

  5. Actually it just hit me, it’s never really bothered me but… Why is her name Lahel? I think Rachel/Rahel would fit better.

      1. Is the name in Korean equivalent of katakana? I never learned Korean but from my experience with Japanese, when they give out a name in katakana it means that they want us to read it “the Western way”. Unless it’s someone very old.

        1. You are trying to make a comparison where not possible.
          If I asked you “Is the name in English equivalent of katakana?”, does that make any sense? Korean does not have multiple writing systems like Japanese. So, your application of Japanese writing system to Korean is invalid. Also, your understanding of kana usage is not entirely correct.

          1. That is exactly why I asked whether or not it is in the equivalent of katakana – because I didn’t know. How is my understanding of kana incorrect?

          2. The assumption to read a name in a “western way” just because it’s written in kana is like believing that there’s only the “west” in the world. A korean name for example can be written as kana or kanji. But using kana doesn’t mean it should be read in a western way. Also, a japanese person can have their name fully in kana and not have any implications to the western language. It’s just that when writing a western word as it sounds in japanese, you are forced to use kana in the absence of kanji.

  6. Great chapter !
    I visited the link (every week since chapter 10) and tonight at 19h30 (I’m living near Paris) I’ve seen chapter 25.
    I won’t spoil you but…

    LEGEND… wait for it… ARY !!! (yes I’m a HIMYM fan too).

    ++ AJT

  7. I too go to Naver to check the raws when they come out. AND I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR CHAPTER 25 to translated

  8. Thank you so much for doing this!
    I’ve only just started reading this a couple days ago at Mangafox, but I have to say that this is like a little bit of digital joy to add to my day. I can only imagine how much trouble those semi-transparent speech bubbles give you.

    x3 Proud to be part of that 1%


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