Banquet Box Ch4

While the rest of the staff is on strike… I Oculus is diligently working to bring you, your daily dose of crack.


Big thanks to BillKim Jong-il, Funnybunnylogic, & Haruki for their hard work.

Also, we have an irc channel now~~!
Come talk to us at irc://

~~ Grumpy

Scanlation English
Download Ch4
Read Online Ch4

8 Responses

    1. Haruki did help with a crucial translation issue that we had. if it wasn’t for her, bb wouldn’t had been release this early. i just forgot when i was making the credits page.

    1. ha! i finally got you to say something!! all that time lurking in chatango and not a word…. =_=

  1. I would just like to extend my most epic thanks and appreciation to HARUKI!! She has been a huge help with not only this project but several others (too many to name). So, show some love people! Or doom damn-it… DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

    1. I guess I should thank the rest of the team. Thank you BillKim, MFKevinKing and Oculus Sensei for the help on this release without you it would not have been as awesome as it is.

      And because I can, [hypnotic suggestion] keep an eye out for the next editions of: The Bullet Saint and Covertly, Gloriously [/hypnotic suggestion]… wink wink

  2. Oh, what a wonderful pj. I love it very much. When you have fifth chapter? I wonder what would happen if it’s rain ^^

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