Tower of God 19

Well, this sure was an odd week. We had no releases!!! It was a case of the perfect storm really… Quite a number of our members were hoarded with things (aka homework & tests) in real life that some of the projects got a slight delay. Zippy Ziggy, which we meant to speed up actually slowed down with new TL and Mako being out of commission and even mfk gone for the weekend. But, we’ll have ZZ for you very soon. 😉 Maybe later today… And lastly, my computer broke too!!! I had to go buy a new video card. >.< If someone feels like reimbursing me for the new video card ($150), I’ll get you the next ToG on MONDAY! LOL (that was a half joke… And yes, only 1 chapter. lol)

Anyway… Enjoy!

Scanlation English
Download Ch19
Read Online Ch19

13 Responses

  1. Fuck Yeah!!

    But I’m so sad that there is only one chapter per week. I would kill for a mass release. 🙁

    1. lol, problem with that is, I’d work fast till the qc stage (when I can read them) then lose interest and not end up qcing till later. =^)

  2. Thank you very much for the release.

    I’m sorry your video card died. Where will you bury it? Or are you going to cremate it? Perhaps you will go with the viking funeral?

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