Tower of God: Ch75 – 2F – Last Examination End, 2F – Epilogue -Rachel-

Ba… Baam is… Dead?

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ToG Season 1 (1-74)
One week break
ToG Epilogue (75-78)
ToG Season 2


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  1. So, is it done, is there ever a next chapter? Also thanks for all, loved the series, just a little confused now….

    1. No, it’s not over. Here’s how it goes:

      ToG Season 1 (1-74)
      One week break
      ToG Epilogue (75-78)
      ToG Season 2

      1. Is season 2 coming shortly after epilogue? Say about a month off? Or will it be put off for a long time?

  2. AHHH so annoyed but with the though of an unknown season 2 its hard to quell my excitement

    As always and forever Thanks for this…this beautiful manhwa *sniff*

  3. @Crazy: I laughed so hard too when Rachel collapsed after this gem: “she might even think it’s her fault he’s dead…” lol

  4. So … does anyone anything think now Bam is an (illegal) “son” of Jahard (somewhat similar to Androssi) and that’s why he was imprisoned/hidden away for as long as he can remember?

    1. I did at firts but for what I’ve grasped so far it would be more like this Jahad guy was once someone like Baam… Got to see some time travel inside the tower… actually Baam is Jahad himself.

  5. First of all, thanks for the chapter, secondly, wow.

    So now Lahel is gonna climb the tower with the team while Baam, who’se corpse of course wasn’t found, is gonna go all mental, join the dark side etc. and show up later.

    He’ll be a true boss indeed – but will he join the dark side?

    1. not in a tiny fragment of chance thats gonna happen ;D
      i wanna see Baam motherfuc**g man up and erase the bit* all by himself

  6. “She might even think it’s her fault he is dead” trololo.
    It was the Lahel in entire series so far, and it would suck to change it, plus I think Lahel is way prettier name than a common Rachel. That’s what i think at least.
    Come to the dark side Baam. But honestly idk what he might do now, since he is still weak, as he is not a ranker right now, so he cant join any cool monster groups. He might though get transfer to another testing place or climb the tower to become ranker alone.
    Thank you very much for your hard work. Is it sure it is only one week break?

    1. I presume something along the lines of:

      They all pass because Baam did make it out — and is just somehow otherly disposed at the moment.

      Baam can’t diiieee, hex nawh. Utter denial, rampant.

      Faith, havin’ faith in our little kickass hero.

    2. Now he’s gonna live in the wilds for a while and grow a beard to show how badly he is on the dark side, once he has it he will go to this 77th floor but all the way to there he wont be taking tests but be moving like a ninja and killing the rankers that cross him, specially the coffee bastard.

  7. I think that she did it on purpose, and that Baam is actually Zahard, but that’s just me. Remember, when he woke up there was that weird three eye symbol? maybe its his resting place, and he just needs to wake up 😛

  8. hm… why would baam get teleported away? still, i don’t think he’s dead… tog without baam would be… different xD i hope he’ll be back in season 2…
    also: thank you for the chapter ;D

  9. Well I always thought that something like this would happen, because he was too weak he would definitely disappear for a while and come back badass, the only real surprise for me is that Lahel or Rachel or whatever would be an antagonist and that she may end up being the main character for a while. I definitely though that Black March would have played a bigger part in the story as well.

  10. I remember how Baam was transfered from the first flor – Headon, who is also a Guardian, teleported him right away, without telling him anything, before the black ball, which Baam was suppoused to break, even broke completely.

    So i guess that Baam passed the test somehow (swam to the top i dunno) and was transfered right away even before he came out from that tentacle-monster`s asshole…

    Of course nobody notified administrators, since it`s all Guardian`s buisness… or Leroro lied about their ignorance. So Lahel/Rachel and Co. are gonna meet dark Baam on the next floor or higher…

      1. I believe ToG is going to make a gantz-like turn and will start killing it’s characters… I don’t want to see Baam dead, but it may be for the better if the protagonists aren’t immortal

    1. I wanna Baam to kill Rachel 2 O.o
      Thanks for the chapter, i am crazy for the next I.I (can’t wait)

    1. damit ppl dun spoil i am waiting for the scannalation
      but its an awesome news. i want him to frigging use that shinso blast which he used to kill the bull on Rachel

  11. hopefully the character cast will stay the same in season 2
    would kill me to see a new set of characters (wich is not that impropable seeing other Manhwas).

    1. that would kill the fans.. though i dont thnk new guys entering the scene will be bad as long as the old fellas like Koon Rak are shown rachel can rot for all i care but Koon Rak Lesso the guy with sword are few of the characters i like in the manhwa.
      how many of you guys think there will be a time skip and baam will be 2time sas strong atleast in the next season ?

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