Tower of God: Ch59 – 2F – Last Examination (3)

I guess a picture is worth a thousand words… I wonder how much a whole chapter is?  O_O

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    1. Do you mean the “kiee” or the “kururu”?. I doubt the first one it’s a laugh, I think it’s the screech of whatever is down there, and I think the second one is like a sfx for rising suspense. Btw did we ever heard that big guy laugh or even say anything?

      1. I swore I thought he laughed when Rak missed his first spear throw. I could be wrong though…

  1. I forgot to mention, the characters have had these unique sets of fantasy clothes yet for the funeral they’re wearing western style black suits and ties??!!

    1. Thanks for the chapter. First time seeing an author actually putting in a montage in a webtoon/manhwa lol.

      And since when did they have a unique set of fantasy clothes lol. Most of them are wearing shorts and tee’s. Maybe the gator’s clothes can be seen as fantasy when he’s in his battle uniform, but most of them are wearing pretty typical casual clothing. I guess a FEW of them are wearing traditional clothing which can kinda be seen as fantasy clothing… but in general not really. Well just my opinion.

  2. Wow thanks for the chapter! Had to translate a lot this week huh? :p The test sounds pretty badass, wonder if it is somehow related to Baam’s very first test in the tower.

  3. No wonder you released so soon. There are berely any lines 😀

    Next chapter will start the real stuff. Cant wait ^^

    Thabks for the chap :>

  4. Nice! These pictures beautifully told us everything about the preparations.
    Btw who is that guy with the gray shirt? I dont remember him. 😮

    1. The religious nutjob who believed in faith and opened the door after an insane chant in the open-a-door-in-5-minutes chapter.

  5. Tower of God continues to amaze me. Hardly anything happened this chapter, and yet I still thought it was completely awesome 😛

    Thank you once again, guys. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    I still say Ho was a chick >.< Although I did find it strange that they'd name a girl Ho… :p

  7. Thank you very much for the chapter 😀 I’ve been studying for an exam which I’ll definitely fail… this really cheered me up 😀

  8. Thanks for the release!
    (For a moment I thought the lack of dialog was a continuation of the recruiting request! Kind of like “this is your webtoon with no translators . . . “)

  9. Thanks a lot yet again. Nice chapter, thing will get even more interesting again in the next one.

  10. Not manga. Manhwa. They sound oddly familiar, because, they are neighboring countries. Furthermore, the Korean language is based on the Chinese one.

    Note: Tower of God (신의 탑) is so badass I read it in Korean, then in English again! Keep up the work Company!

  11. Nice ‘calm before the storm’ scene. You guys must have liked this chapter a lot! XD (hardly any text to edit)

  12. I can translate french (i’m french ^^) but what comic/webcomic/.. do you wish to translate?

  13. Thanks for the chapter !
    I can translate french to english (I’m already in a french team for the opposite ! :p ), but where can I found the test please ?

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