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    1. Pretty much the same. I’m very excited to read this new chapter. I was looking so much forward this :).

      Thanks a lot!

    1. Just read the chapter

      Jane nooooooo!!! T_T

      Damn Ha-Eun, stop coming close to Taejin…lol

    1. i’ve been captivated since the prologue too! i hope the translators keep working on this project! can’t wait till the next release… hopefully it’ll be soon 😛

    1. Hey, my devotion/addiction to GB is just as strong as yours! Its the only thing keeping my mutations from getting out of hand.

      Thx for the Green Boy refill guys!

  1. thanks for the chapter.

    i’ve been waiting quite some time for this.

    while reading the chapter, i was a little disappointed by the art, looking at jane’s face and figure made me wonder: is that how a (beautiful) women should look like? the facial expression seemed very male.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This webtoon really gets you into the sport. Hell, some people might even join. I love it ^^ suspenseful.

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